15 designs with concrete planters for outdoor use

Concrete planters are very resistant and durable, which allows us to plant in them species of all sizes. Obviously, the cost of this type of planters is higher than plastic or wood planters, but in the long run they are more profitable because they keep their structure for decades.

15 designs with concrete planters for outdoor use

15 planters integrated into the garden

Concrete is an easy material to mold, you can adapt its shape to fit any corner of your patio, terrace or garden. In this space the planters are an extension of the garden enclosure.

In this garden, the planters are arranged in such a way that they fulfill their purpose: to achieve more privacy.

In this minimalist building, the concrete structure that adorns the entrance acts as a planter and as a support for the number on the facade.

Applying a touch of greenery to the entrance of this home was a challenge for the architects and designers. They chose to integrate elongated concrete planters in keeping with the aesthetics of the rest of the building.

In this sloping front yard, they have used planters to create small Asian gardens.

In this large garden they have been used to create and separate the different relaxation areas.

A small bench with cushions surrounded by greenery. It must be a real luxury to sit or lie down and rest on it.

As a vegetable garden. Several boxes have been created at different heights and different vegetable and fruit species have been planted in each of them.

The absence of grass has not prevented the construction of a small plant mosaic made up of rocks, stones and plants.

These large, heavy-duty planters support flowers, trees and shrubs, as in this example.

Oriental landscaping on an urban terrace. The planter is the center of the room and separates the two levels on the ground.

The coldness of cement and the warmth of wood make these polar opposites combine perfectly in outdoor environments.

In this double-height terrace with decking, the anthill does not touch the ground to avoid damaging the floor.

In this case, the concrete planters contrast with the earthy color of the facade.

If you do not want to make works, you can opt for smaller models like this garden. It is ideal for corners and the division of spaces.

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