These are the things you should throw away or repair on your terrace or garden before enjoying it.

We have rushed like crazy to occupy our terraces, balconies and gardens without realizing that, before enjoying these outdoor spaces, we must spruce them up. Decorating also involves getting rid of broken or wasted furniture and accessories. Whenever possible, we must give them a second life through recycling or repair, but when a piece no longer gives more of itself, we must know how to say goodbye. If you are willing to do so, take note, because these are the things you should throw away or repair your terrace or garden before enjoying it.

These are the things you should throw away or repair on your terrace or garden before enjoying it.

To make your exteriors perfect, these are the things you should throw away or repair on your terrace or garden before enjoying it. Start with the furniture: wood, metal or fibers.

Garden furniture is exposed to inclement weather. Wooden furniture must be properly maintained so that it does not lose its properties. Otherwise, you will have to say goodbye to them.

outdoor wooden furniture

Synthetic fibers have gained the upper hand over natural fibers, which are much more delicate and demanding in terms of care. It is a pity that you have to retire that beautiful wicker chair, but if it is badly damaged, it will only get in the way.

wicker chair

The same goes for metal furniture. Forging requires a certain amount of care to last over time. Moisture causes rust to come out, and if you are not too handy, it will be impossible to recover this kind of pieces.

metal chair

In addition to tables and chairs, check the other terrace furniture you have. That broom closet that doesn't close, that waitress with wheels that needs a coat of paint or that trunk with a broken lid.

terrace waitress

Among the things you should throw away or repair on your terrace or garden are not only furniture. Textiles need your approval for the season, but there are many more things to keep an eye out for

Both sofa covers and cushion covers should be supervised. There may be a broken zipper, something that can be fixed. However, there will also be fabrics tarnished by the sun. This is something that is difficult to fix.

terrace cushions

Do not neglect the elements with which you protect yourself from the sun, such as awnings, pergolas or umbrellas. Although they are very resistant fabrics, they suffer a lot in summer. If there is any cracked part, you will have to look for alternatives.

outdoor umbrella

Insect screens are an essential part of living rooms that open onto an outdoor space. Keeping one with holes in it is not only ineffective, but quite unsightly.

outdoor mosquito net

If the windows or doors leading to the terrace have bars or shutters, give them a good cleaning. A treatment that prevents the appearance of rust will be better than having to remove it.

attic gratings

At night, light bulbs and candles must be in perfect condition. Outdoors we usually have a clothesline, is it in good condition? If the answer is no, you know what to do.

Strings of lights are especially beautiful at night. Check them out and remember that burned-out bulbs and dead batteries are destined for the appropriate recycling garbage can.

terrace lights

In addition to these lights, the outdoor ambiance is greatly enhanced by the faint flames of candles. Give a turn to the ones you have to check that they have wick or that they are not consumed. While you're at it, check the candle holders and lanterns.

terrace candles

Hanging clothes in the garden or on the terrace is more than usual. If your portable clothesline is lame and beyond repair, throw it away and get a more modern version. If you have ropes, check that they are not excessively worn.

terrace clothes horse

Clothespins are just as important as clothespins. How long has it been since you've looked in the clothespin box and removed the broken ones? If you don't want to throw them away, save them for crafts, like this trivet.

recycling broken tweezers

Last but not least, you will have to supervise the state of your gardening equipment: watering cans, pots and any utensil used to take care of your plants.

It's time to take a roll call of your gardening tools. That broken watering can is no longer doing its job, and neither are those worn-out gloves. Your basic kit should be perfect: shovel, rake, scissors, gouge, hoe, etc.

gardening tools

Scratched plastic or broken terra cotta pots should go straight into the trash. There may be some you can salvage with glue and a good cleaning. The rest, out of the terrace.

old pots

If your pots are fine, but their exterior appearance indicates that they are a bit old, try giving them a touch of color with paint or stamped seal. It's a craft that both you and your kids will enjoy.

recycle flower pots

Another great idea to infuse some art into your old pots is to line them with sisal or jute rope. All you need is glue to adhere it to the pots as you twirl it around until it's completely covered.

decorate flower pot

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