Decorating terraces: 15 ideas for outdoor decoration

Some people are lucky enough to have an outdoor living space in their home. From first floors with large gardens to small urban balconies. Enjoying an outdoor corner is a pleasure. Decorating small terraces follows the same rules as any other space. The main thing is to create a comfortable atmosphere. Charming terraces meet this condition, as they turn summer evenings into a perfect moment for relaxation and contemplation. If you are thinking about decorating an outdoor terrace, you are in the right place.

Decorating terraces: 15 ideas for outdoor decoration

Low cost ideas for terrace decoration. Decorate the outside with style and for little money.

Sometimes, the outdoor area of the house is so small that we wonder if it is worth investing in its development. Of course it is! Even with few square meters, you can get incredible results, with the added value of being able to decorate a terrace with little money given its small size. Look at this example, where several garlands and many candles are enough to illuminate a terrace.

decorating a small terrace

Another outdoor evening setting you'll love. As in the previous case, rattan armchairs are the center of attention. On the side table that decorates this urban terrace there is a picnic prepared, ideal for outdoor dining!

decoration of outdoor terraces

You no longer have excuses to decorate a small terrace and make the most of the space, however small it may be.

A simple wooden chair accompanied by a small table can make all the difference. In addition, textiles contribute to the decorated terraces gain in style. On this occasion, several black and white prints have been chosen.

decorating a mini balcony

This terrace with plants is completed with wooden furniture that seems to be handmade. The set breathes rustic air thanks to the design of the cushions, but it also has a minimalist touch thanks to the floor planters.

decorating a terrace with plants

Elongated terraces? No problem. There will always be alternatives capable of decorating the balcony with success.

Forging is also a good ally of the terraces. Decoration without great pretensions for a space in which, if at night it cools down, we will use blankets while the candle holders in the shape of antique candles illuminate us. Do not miss the waitress, which has been reused as a multiple planter.

wrought iron furniture for the terrace

Who said it was not possible to decorate terraces with little money? Some wooden crates that surely have been used as storage, serve here as seating. The jute rug, the flowered cushions and those magnificent hydrangeas achieve a very appealing image.

wooden drawers for the terrace

We love bohemian terraces, with that touch of thoughtful carelessness. Just look at this example, where a vertical garden shares space with a yellow Chinese-style sideboard. Here you have to sit on the floor, on one of the poufs scattered around the platform.

chill out terrace in the city

Boho chic is all the rage. If you want to bring it to your attic terrace, don't forget to include exotic objects, colorful rugs, iconic chairs and lots of plant elements. Patchwork fabric garlands and paper lamps are also essential.

how to decorate a terrace in bohemian style

Without a doubt, the most striking addition to this stylish terrace is the magazine rack on the wall. The table looks like a recycled serving tray, while the stool on the right is actually a wooden box made from the slats of a recycled pallet.

terrace with pallets

Closed or glazed terraces also dress up when the good weather arrives. Take a look at these examples to decorate them

The advantage of enclosing terraces is that, in addition to gaining useful surface area, it is possible to undertake larger works. In this example we see a terrace with a kitchen. They are small stoves, but enough to prepare a menu to taste while looking at the horizon.

enclosed terrace

Glazed terraces can have fixed or movable elements. In this case, we are dealing with an enclosure on rails that provides insulation and privacy, but also allows air to flow when it is opened. On a wooden floor, we see wooden furniture, upholstery and white curtains and a carpet with geometric patterns.

glazed terrace with movable enclosures

What about large terraces? We will have more space to decorate the outside, and we should not waste it.

We go down from the apartments with terrace in height to the first floor with garden. In the patios of the chalets we have more freedom, since we are talking about decorating large terraces in which to give free rein to our imagination. This example is pure chill out.

decorate chill out terrace

The great ally of terraces and gardens in single-family homes is the awning. Without this accessory it is impossible to be adequately protected from the sun's rays. On this occasion, we have chosen a cream-colored model, very traditional. Under it, a dining room with a table set with great care awaits us.

how to choose a patio awning

What guidelines should we follow in apartments with a large terrace? Decoration rich in materials, without falling into ostentation. For example, in this huge outdoor space has been created a social area with comfortable armchairs. The touch of sophistication is provided by the bar, consisting of a backlit bar and modern high stools.

how to put a bar on the terrace

And if you want to dream... What can we say about the terrace with solarium of this magnificent mansion? These four hammocks are calling us. They want us to lie down and relax, to leave all the stress behind, close our eyes and let our minds go blank.

how to decorate a solarium

Did you like these ideas for decorating terraces? Surely you will get several ideas from this compilation. If you want to share them with us, do not hesitate.

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