10 accessories for a terrace that invites relaxation

Outdoor spaces are a gift. When it comes to the home, they represent an added value that, if well managed, offers endless possibilities. Balconies, terraces, patios, gardens? All of them are an added scenario where you can enjoy the benefits of outdoor space without giving up the intimacy of home. If you are looking for terrace accessories that invite you to relax, you are in the right place.

10 accessories for a terrace that invites relaxation

Outdoor decoration claims its protagonism. Furniture, accessories or textiles are just some of the many complements for the terrace that will allow you to relax on it.

How to turn terraces into places that exude inspiration? Outdoor design is our best ally. But even without much knowledge of decoration, there are certain elements that are a guarantee of sure success and here are a dozen basic accessories for a terrace that invites you to relax.

Furniture is the starting point. This chapter is extraordinarily rich. Pieces made of fibers or natural materials are a must-have for terraces that invoke relaxation. Furniture made from pallets or recycled materials, for example, are trendy.

furniture made with pallets

To contemplate them and sigh is all one. Swings and rockers are one of those outdoor complements with endless possibilities. In fact, they are pieces that fit both indoors and outdoors, although it is in the latter where they arouse greater passions.

Hanging from the ceiling or on their own stand, there are designs to suit all tastes, although they are generally quite bulky.


If you have a large terrace and the idea of a swing does not seduce you too much, take note. Balinese beds are the kind of elements that give a room an undeniable personality and at the same time an indisputable comfort.

From watching the sunset, to enjoying a good read, to relaxing with a nap.... The possibilities are endless!

Balinese bed

But if there is a piece that can boast of being a paradigm of rest and disconnection that is the hammock. Its mere contemplation already invites to relaxation and there are so many models on the market that it is hard not to find one capable of fitting perfectly with the design of all types of terraces.

hammock for the terrace

Comfort is one of the characteristics of any outdoor space that seeks to be the epicenter of relaxation. Hammocks, rockers or sun loungers are basic for a terrace that invites relaxation.

For lovers of the classics, nothing like betting on the mythical sun loungers. Although some people associate their presence to gardens with swimming pool, a large terrace is a perfect place to install them. If you complement them with a side table, you will have an ideal corner to disconnect day or night.

sun loungers for the garden

Not for being an outdoor space is exempt from needing appropriate lighting and that is precisely one of the indispensable complements to evade the mind. Beyond the furniture or decoration, the ambient light will be your best ally. Candles, garlands, solar lamps, beacons? You decide!

how to illuminate the terrace

Making your terrace an extension of your home is all about the little details. And the same goes for creating that relaxing atmosphere. Another essential chapter to achieve it is the textiles.

A few simple cushions may be all you need to achieve the desired style. Although it is also worth incorporating a rug of natural fibers to the set that prints a touch of warmth or get a practical pouf.

outdoor textiles

Awnings, umbrellas and parasols play an important role in terrace decoration. However, pergolas are becoming increasingly popular, especially among those who occupy higher floors.

In any case, the complement with which to get a touch of seduction both for them and for outdoor porches are the sheers. As canopies, they are ideal to protect from mosquitoes or to filter the sunlight.

porch curtains

Decorative accessories contribute to create that atmosphere of comfort outdoors. Of course, it is necessary to avoid saturation of the space and always pursue the harmony of the environments.

Plants bring multiple benefits in terms of habitability. Their presence indoors is synonymous with well-being and freshness, two characteristics that also extend beyond the walls of the home. In pots, planters or in the form of vertical gardens are another of the resources to be considered to create a terrace with personality.

outdoor plants

Water is an essential element in the design of Zen gardens, spaces for contemplation that, without a doubt, invite relaxation. It is possible that your terrace does not lend itself to include a pond but a fountain may be all you need to give it that relaxing oriental touch.

garden fountains

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