Do you know the differences between annual and biennial plants?

They are living beings, with their needs and, as such, have their own life cycle. It is precisely the latter that serves to determine the differences between annual and biennial plants, a classification that, although not very popular among the common mortals, serves to organize a good part of the most popular species.

Do you know the differences between annual and biennial plants?

In fact, some of the flowers and plants commonly used in gardens or interiors follow this distribution. Petunias, carnations, poppies, daisies? Sound familiar? It is no secret that decorating with plants brings unquestionable benefits. They improve our mood, generate wellbeing, relax, humidify the environment, muffle noise...

Many of the most popular species belong to the category of annual and biennial plants whose flowering, price or functionality are some of their most valued characteristics.

There are many advantages of having flowers and plants as part of the decoration. However, choosing them often becomes a real lottery, especially for those who do not have much knowledge in this regard. Knowing the differences between annual and biennial plants is a good first step to start with.

differences between annual and biennial plants

You have seen them a thousand times, although you may not be sure that you are dealing with annual plants. This type of species is characterized by having a particularly fast life cycle. They are commonly known as seasonal plants. In essence, they are herbaceous and decorative varieties that are usually born during the spring or summer, develop and bloom.

However, their life cycle does not extend beyond autumn or winter. They do, however, ensure their survival by releasing a multitude of seeds.

types of annual plants

Biannual plants, on the other hand, do not have such an ephemeral life, although their longevity does not exceed two years. The plant varieties in this category use the first season to grow and develop. However, it is not until the second season that they flower and bear fruit.

In other words, these plants do not live two years repeating their life cycle. Unlike annuals, they need more time to reach their peak, so that if they are planted in summer, they do not flower until after the following winter.

types of biennial plants

Although it is true that the main difference between annual and biennial plants is their life cycle, this can be affected by issues such as the climate of the place where they grow. In Mediterranean areas where frosts are less frequent, for example, the life of both can be longer.

Some of the most popular annual species are begonia, joy, poppy, petunia, pansy, dahlia.... Although they are less abundant there are also different types of very popular biannual plants. Carnations, forget-me-nots or wallflowers are just a few examples.

what are annual plants

Climate is a determining factor in the life cycle of plants. Some plants, considered annuals in some places, can live for several seasons in others with milder climates.

Among the attractions that both types of plants share is the price. We are talking about inexpensive species that, for a small investment, can fill your garden with color. In fact, growing them is not complicated either, so if you decide to sow them or multiply them yourself with seeds, the budget will be even less bulky.

what are biennial plants

Another of the hallmarks shared by annual and biennial plants is their showy flowering. Given the variety of both, there are options for all tastes. You can even find species for any time of the year, although those that bloom in summer are more frequent.

characteristics annual plants

That versatility in terms of aesthetics, as well as the cheapness of its price makes these plants a very interesting resource for patios and gardens. The landscape architecture will add attractiveness if you bet on combining different seasonal flowers that you can vary to your liking. This way, you will be able to use a new design for your garden, balcony or terrace, whenever you want!

characteristics of biennial plants

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