Is it possible to have a lounge in a small house?

The living room is usually the main room of a house. We are talking about the room where visitors are received. It is the one that, not infrequently, shares space with the dining room and even serves as a living room. With such attributes its functionality is far from any doubt but, is it possible to have a lounge room in a small house?

Is it possible to have a lounge in a small house?

The truth is that the nuances that distinguish a traditional lounge from a lounge are very subtle. But spaciousness is usually one of the hallmarks of the latter. This being so, it would seem logical to say that it is unthinkable to incorporate it into a small apartment, but nothing could be further from the truth.

It is possible to have a lounge in a small house. It is enough to pay special attention to the decoration to get that relaxed and cozy character typical of this type of spaces.

The premise from which to positively resolve the question is to clarify what a lounge lounge is. In practice, they are cozy yet informal spaces, warm yet sophisticated rooms. In short, designs that exude style, where comfort is the main hallmark.

lounge in a small house

Popular in hotels, bars and restaurants, lounge spaces have been gaining ground in the residential area, mainly in large houses with several rooms.

Having a room that can be used exclusively for these purposes is ideal. However, there is nothing to prevent you from transferring the charm of these quiet environments for relaxation to more modest residences.

lounge lounge ideas

The key is to adapt the design to the possibilities of each scenario. If, in general, the furniture in a lounge tends to be particularly generous, in the case of a small house it will be enough to set up a cozy corner.

Another valid formula to integrate it is to eliminate walls to gain some visual amplitude and play with the distribution.

how to design a lounge in a small house

A more than feasible alternative to have a lounge lounge in a small house is to move this space to the terrace or balcony. In many cases, these exteriors have a more generous surface than the interior so they become a scenario that is worth taking advantage of.

Who could resist ending the day contemplating a sunset from the intimacy of a perfectly conditioned balcony? Why not a few wines with friends to enjoy the weekend? The options -like the styles- are as varied as they come.

outdoor lounge in a small house

We have already said that comfort is one of the main features of a lounge room but to achieve it, especially in a small house, you have to look for allies. The furniture, the lighting, the colors? All of them can help to create an enveloping and seductive atmosphere away from overloaded environments or stridencies.

Although there are many styles you can choose for this room or corner, you must always remember that the key is to go for a simple and classy decoration, with the right elegance to be cozy.

indoor lounge in a small house

Bearing in mind that, in a small house, spaciousness will not be one of your living room's assets, the choice of furniture will be a key issue. To create a lounge atmosphere you will have to forget about large and comfortable sofas, opting for other alternatives such as poufs or chaise longue equally attractive and comfortable. If you add some comfortable cushions and a rug, the scene will be round.

If you have decided to move your lounge to the terrace or balcony, do not forget to choose furniture resistant to outdoor weather conditions.

lounge lounge lighting

To complete the charm of the lounge corner of your home, lighting will play a key role. Lampshade lamps that emit soft and cozy lights are a must have in the decoration of these spaces, but there is more.

Since the aim is to create a comfortable and cozy atmosphere capable of awakening positive energy, it will also be interesting to go for neutral colors -which will also help you maximize spatial perception- with touches of color that bring a touch of joy.

lounge lounge features

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