Contemporary rustic style

Would you like to put the latest trends in the decoration of your home and at the same time maintain a traditional and homely touch? The contemporary rustic style combines the best of both worlds, since the country style can be merged with the most modern trends, even with an industrial air. If you do it properly, you will be able to create a decorative landscape in your home that preserves the virtues of these two styles.

Contemporary rustic style

How to bring the contemporary rustic style to your home decoration?

To begin with, we must avoid dark rooms. The current times bet on the entry of light into the rooms, so we must maximize the presence of natural light. One way to do this is to keep light colors on the walls and furniture and large windows, with curtains that are not too thick.

Do not forget to put large mirrors with an antique and worked wooden frame. However, to keep a rustic space, it is also advisable to put somewhere in the house a quality stone cladding, which at the same time will serve as insulation to insulate from heat in summer.

As for the furniture, it is recommended that you combine, depending on the place, handcrafted light and dark wood furniture. The key is to find furniture that does not have a design line that is too simple, straight or defined, but that maintains a certain curved finish in its details and bright colors that add quality to the scene.

Another factor you can resort to is the placement of decorative beams on the ceiling, which will give a rustic air to any room. It is more advisable that the lamps are large, but not too old, but rather retro, although it would be great a system of recessed spotlights LED technology, which would enhance the light better.

We should also not forget the most modern technological equipment to make life more comfortable, such as a modern music system, a plasma TV or a very efficient heating system, although the best would be a fireplace.

Accessory details are also very important. You can place a faux fur rug, as well as candles or candlesticks. Also, accompany the sofas with colorful and elegant cushions or plaids, but keeping soft tones and designs.

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