Bohemian balcony decorating ideas

If confinement taught us anything, it was to value outdoor spaces. Terraces and balconies were for months an escape valve. A window to freedom that we gradually reconquered. From that experience arose, however, the need to take care of every detail. So much so that the decoration of bohemian balconies has proliferated and is a perfect example of how with very little, it is possible to achieve a cozy and warm atmosphere that conveys freedom.

Bohemian balcony decorating ideas

Plants, textiles or ethnic motifs are just some of the ideas that you can transfer to the decoration of bohemian balconies, spaces full of charm in a reduced format.

This evocation of independence is one of the hallmarks of this style. The trend is inspired by different cultures and defends the personalization of spaces as the basis of its appeal. But there is more. The absence of strict mandatory rules and the evocation of travel are also part of its charm.

bohemian balcony decoration

Among the many resources that you can use, textiles are undoubtedly one of the "must-haves" of boho decoration. Their presence is not limited to the upholstery of chairs or sofas. Cushions, rugs, walls and even ceilings are dressed with all kinds of fabrics to create scenes that exude warmth.

The use of color is perfectly acceptable. Although you can opt for light tones, the chromatic palette admits from prints to the most striking colorful fabrics. There is no limit to color, so make the most of it!

bohemian balcony decoration ideas

The size of your balcony will be a determining factor when it comes to putting together the most appropriate decoration. However, if you are thinking of adding some furniture, take note. Recycled furniture, made with pallets and, of course, DIY proposals have a place in these environments that boast their own indisputable character.

But if you do not want to get too complicated, nothing like betting on pieces of natural materials. Some wicker chairs, a wooden sofa or a set of wrought iron table and chairs will be a great choice.

bohemian balcony decoration materials

Lighting deserves a special mention in any bohemian balcony decoration project. Light is capable of transforming any scenario and, in a space like this intended for relaxation, it would not be less. The key is to create an atmosphere that invites relaxation and there are many ways to achieve this.

Garlands of lights have gained popularity in recent times and are perfect for decorating the railing and even the wall. Similarly, candles can be great allies to create an intimate and personal atmosphere that will be the envy of your neighbors.

bohemian balcony decoration keys

Eclecticism is part of the charm of the bohemian style, a trend that is gaining followers both for the decoration of outdoor spaces and for interiors to which it imprints personality.

Walls are always an element to consider in terms of decoration. Especially when the surface to decorate is not too generous. In the case of a small balcony these are great allies on which you can place all kinds of objects. Mirrors, ethnic-inspired accessories, prints, banners .... There is a lot to choose from.

boho balconies decoration

Exoticism is part of the charm of bohemian balcony decoration. A good way to transfer that extravagant touch without being inappropriate is to resort to the very essence of the style. Turkish teapots, Moroccan-style puffs, second-hand pieces rescued from a flea market? Dare to combine them to create a unique design.

An alternative that is gaining popularity are the hanging seats. The swings have become a must have for decoration lovers, an original way to provide a comfortable seat for you or your visitors.

how to decorate a bohemian balcony

As in any other outdoor space, plants are a must in the decoration of a boho-inspired balcony. Their presence not only brings a touch of color to the whole but also helps to add freshness and vitality.

Place them in an original way, at different heights or in unique pots, in the form of a vertical garden or at ground level. There are options for all tastes and if you want one that is also trendy, join the cactus trend!

bohemian balcony textiles

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