Keys to bohemian style, a summer favorite

If there is something that characterizes the summer season is that feeling of freedom that, who more and who less, experience throughout these months. Perhaps that is why the bohemian style is one of the favorites for this time of the year. Versatile and open to multiple interpretations, one of its hallmarks is that there are no strict rules when decorating.

Keys to bohemian style, a summer favorite

Versatile and full of personality. This is the bohemian style of decoration, a trend that does not follow preset rules beyond the mixture of various styles and the generous use of color.

This ability to create compositions full of character without the need to be confined to certain precepts is, without a doubt, one of its main attractions. However, there are certain mantras that serve as a common denominator in designs that are pure inspiration.

bohemian style

The summer trend to which many scenarios succumb to draws from different cultures. Arab, African, Asian and even South American inspiration coexist in spaces that seek to convey a certain sense of freedom.

Therefore, it is not strange that many of them incorporate details of trips or places in the world as well as souvenirs that, in any case, create atmospheres with a certain eclectic air. Materials, colors and styles coexist in harmony but without an apparent superior order that gives them meaning.

bohemian style decoration

The same sense of independence can be felt when it comes to the color palette. There are no mantras that advocate the predominance of one or another hue. In boho-inspired environments, the richness lies in the use of a wide range of colors.

From warm tones such as oranges, reds or browns, to cool tones such as blues or greens, there are many possible combinations. And the same goes for prints. Tribal motifs fit perfectly in a bohemian design, but also natural inspiration, geometric shapes....

bohemian style colors

Textiles are also part of the essence of the bohemian style. The decoration of a living room or bedroom cannot be understood without the presence of cushions -which are sometimes used as seats- but there is more. Blankets, rugs, curtains? None of this can be missing if you are thinking of decorating your home with boho style.

Even walls and furniture often succumb to the magic of fabrics. Chairs and sofas upholstered with fabric or walls dressed with wallpaper with ethnic motifs are just a few decorating options for your home.

bohemian style accessories

Ethnic decoration is very present in these environments, which draw from different cultures such as Arabic, Asian, African or South American and create spaces full of color that inspire freedom.

As a style inspired by different cultures, it is not strange to think that travel and everything that evokes other places has a place in bohemian decoration. A mariachi hat from a trip to Mexico, a piece of traditional Arabian pottery, a mask, a tapestry, sculptures, photos... But that's not all.

The vintage pieces -with their own signs of wear and tear of the passage of time included- are also included among the must-haves of this trend.

ideas for a bohemian style decoration

If you like to practice DIY you should know that the bohemian style is perfect for you. Furniture made with pallets star in many boho decorations, although any other piece made by yourself will bring to your environments a warm and cozy touch typical of this trend. Do you dare with a table based on old restored suitcases? Why not some cans converted into a vertical garden? Upcycling design also has a place in boho-inspired spaces.

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Rounding out the appeal of this trend are plants. It is not about turning your living room into an urban jungle space, but rather to add a natural touch to your decor. In this case the key is to choose well both the type of plant in question, as well as the way to place it.

From the ceiling on a crochet support, on shelves at different heights, at floor level or a mix of several of these alternatives will allow you to bring a touch of color and freshness to any room.

bohemian style for interiors

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