Tips for decorating your home with a casual style

Fashions come and go and, with the passing of time, new trends emerge that complement and even reinvent styles from other eras. The casual style emerges as a response to artificial interior design, a trend that makes simplicity, elegance and comfort its best signs of identity.

Tips for decorating your home with a casual style

In reality it is more than a decorative trend, it is a lifestyle for modern people, free and committed to the absence of unnecessary ostentation. The interiors decorated under the mantras of this trend perfectly combine simplicity and intelligence, substance and form. These designs are capable of arousing emotions through proposals as simple as unique and personal.

Decorating your home with a casual style is to go for simplicity without sacrificing comfort. It is about creating functional spaces that exude elegance without being pretentious or artificial.

If you are determined to decorate your home with a casual style there are some keys that you can not fail to put into practice. Starting by creating casual environments that bring happiness.

general characteristics casual style

Color is a basic element in most of the decoration styles that you can transfer to your interiors and casual is no exception. The preferred option is white, mainly in ceilings and walls. But the chromatic palette is open to the whole range of neutral tones creating a base that combines perfectly with more sober tones.

Gray, black, beige... All of them have a place in a casual style environment in which, on the other hand, the rest of the elements that are part of the composition should be in harmony with the dominant colors.

Tips for decorating your home with a casual style

As in Nordic-inspired environments, light plays a fundamental role in this type of interiors. You must keep this in mind if you want your spaces to look casual. It is not a matter of taking care of artificial lighting -that too- but of allowing natural light to flood every corner.

To achieve this, open floor plan designs are popular. Although if you cannot or do not want to resort to the integration of spaces, try to distribute the furniture so that they do not become obstacles to natural light.

how to decorate your home with a casual style

Despite the casual and informal that, a priori, this style may seem, functionality is very present in this type of decorations. The idea is to have pieces that contribute to interior comfort while providing warmth. The best thing? Opt for timeless designs.

Although these types of proposals avoid overloaded environments, they are open to include elements with their own personality. You have to choose the right number of pieces, yes, but you can always recover an antique or retro-inspired piece of furniture to add a touch of emotion to these rooms designed for living.

tips to decorate your home with casual style

This type of project avoids overloaded environments. That is why it is important to go for spaciousness by choosing a distribution that favors the liberation of space and movement.

Another aspect you should take care of if you want to decorate your home with a casual style is the furniture. A safe bet in terms of furniture are the pieces that combine white and wood. Although there is also room for elements with their own character and even antique pieces with history. Some industrial-inspired stools for the kitchen, some poufs, a chest of drawers for the bedroom.... You decide!

what is casual style

Let yourself go, let everything flow and live are basic slogans of casual environments. A certain informality floats in this type of interiors, not in vain, they are spaces to be enjoyed that are pleasant and seductive at the same time.

Perfection is not sought, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, it is not unusual to find in these environments a perfect mix of textures -in upholstery, textiles and the like- and even different styles of furniture.

keys to decorate your home with a casual style

To complete the attractiveness in this type of scenarios you have to pay attention to the accessories. Always keeping in mind not to saturate you can choose between different resources and even combine them.

Pictures of different sizes to create a composition to decorate the wall, objects that have a special meaning for you, a mirror in the entrance, romantic design clocks..... These and other details will put the finishing touch to the casual style decoration of your home.

basic ideas to decorate your home with casual style

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