Comfort deco: the decorative trend that knows no fashions

For a house to be considered a real home, it needs more than just an attractive decoration or a practical design. Spaces must satisfy our needs, but beyond their aesthetic and functional dimension, they are called to provide us with well-being. This is the focus of comfort deco, a trend that puts our happiness before the impositions of any current to provide us with a friendly interior design that makes us feel good.

Comfort deco: the decorative trend that knows no fashions

The comfort deco is presented as the decorative trend that does not understand fashions. A rising trend with Nordic influences that focuses on emotions rather than aesthetic standards.

The versatility of spaces is directly proportional to their capacity to transmit sensations. This is where one of the hallmarks of this trend lies, regardless of trends. Betting on emotions in the face of the restrictions set by the canons of styles and fashions is the main hallmark of comfort deco.

what is comfort deco

Its origins are to be found in the Nordic styles that have become popular in recent times. Although it arrives in our country from the USA, its mantras include a certain hygge inspiration, lagom, and even boho airs. From the Danish style, the taste for enjoying the small pleasures of life in cozy environments that, as in the case of the Swedish current, are able to make us happy.

Ethnic details, warm materials and fabrics and a great freedom in the compositions are key to comfort deco.

comfort deco influences

Let yourself be carried away by your own instincts. This is another of the cornerstones on which this trend is based, which basically focuses on incorporating everything that makes us feel comfortable and happy as part of the decoration.

Fleeing from the famous rule of "three" or the environmental slogans of other styles, he opts for freedom. Freedom to choose every detail without losing sight of the fact that each object, accessory, piece of furniture... tells a story. Their combination will form part of a narrative of its own within the home with a marked emotional character.

mix of comfort deco styles

It is precisely the emotions that are at the heart of comfort deco environments. It is not about surrendering to ugliness, nothing could be further from the truth. We simply have to prioritize sentimentality over the aesthetic standards that magazines and influencers pick up and mark other styles.

Your children's drawings, a ceramic plate you painted as a teenager with your mother, a souvenir from your grandparents' house? Anything that makes you smile, anything that inspires happiness, has a place in this style.

how to decorate a comfort deco environment

The road to happiness starts, on many occasions, from the personalization of spaces. Abandon the fear of placing pieces in unlikely positions. Mixing different types of materials, styles or colors. Any of these formulas can bring a smile to our faces or, in other words, help us create an atmosphere that makes us happy.

Developing our creativity is key to dress our home in comfort deco style. In fact, including DIY resources is part of their main mantras.

customization of comfort deco spaces

Creating a comfort deco decoration is as simple as appealing to feelings. In this task, in addition to childhood memories or family jewelry, there is also room for resources that take us to other places.

Ethnic details, souvenirs and even vintage pieces or local handicrafts are elements that will add to the attractiveness of your spaces.

decoration ideas comfort deco

However, we are facing a trend that likes to enjoy imperfection and even decorative mistakes that, ultimately, humanize spaces. Contrary to lagom environments, a certain disorder and accumulation of objects that do not have a clear functionality -cluttercore style- is allowed in a comfort deco house.

All this wrapped in an enveloping lighting capable of creating cozy and serene atmospheres that, on the other hand, can also be dotted with plants.

comfort deco characteristics

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