Lighting with XXL lamps

It is no secret that lighting is a fundamental aspect of any interior design and decoration project. Beyond the practical dimension inherent in any lighting project, opting for an appropriate system can make a significant difference aesthetically speaking, and XXL lamps are a perfect example of that potential.

Lighting with XXL lamps

Lighting is a key element in any interior decoration project and betting on XXL size lamps means making it a protagonist element of the environments.

The choice of this type of system does not respond to a question of functionality, but quite the opposite. To opt for large lamps is to make lighting the fundamental element of any room, turning them into the focal point of the decoration.

illuminate with XXL lamps

But in order for the size of the lamps not to be a problem, some basic considerations must be taken into account. The first is that, in general, we are talking about ceiling lamps. That said, so that their presence is not oversized, their height should be at least 2.5 meters.

However, if you do not want to renew your pendant lights, there is an alternative. There are also versions of XXL floor lamps with which you can create the most interesting environments.

decoration with XXL lamps

Versatility is another of the benefits of XXL lamps. Far from being limited to a particular style, you can find them with designs of very different inspirations. Industrial style pieces, upcycling design proposals, designs with classic reminiscences in the form of maxi chandeliers... There is plenty to choose from!

how to decorate with XXL lamps

XXL lamps are a highly decorative resource, but they also have practical applications when it comes to creating different atmospheres and even delimiting spaces.

Its contribution to the overall decoration of any room in the house is unquestionable. However, although their aesthetics is one of their main values, it is not the only one. As part of the room lighting, maxi lamps also have a practical dimension that, among other things, can be concretized in their ability to delimit different spaces within the same room.

XXL size industrial style lamps

Beyond style, one of the basic aspects when choosing large lamps for your home are the materials. In the market you can find from simple designs with metallic shapes surrounding design bulbs, to proposals with paper lampshades, vintage-inspired, metallic... If you do not want to risk too much, bamboo lamps and natural fibers, for example, add a touch of warmth to the spaces and are also trendy!

lamps size XXL natural fibers

If you thought that lighting with XXL lamps would mean giving up on design, you couldn't be more wrong. The dimensions are not the only thing that surprises in these pieces. Another element that brings uniqueness to this type of luminaires are their shapes.

XXL lamps at home

In fact, originality in design is one of the hallmarks of this type of pieces whose main attraction revolves around the idea of capturing the attention of the observer. Whether for the sinuosity of its shapes, its geometric inspiration or its design evoking other elements, there is a perfect option for every room in the house, even for your office!

where to place XXL lamps

Beyond their size, colors, materials and original shapes are the hallmarks of XXL lamps, pieces with character that claim their place in any room.

If space permits, why not combine several maxi lamps to claim your role within the room? If you have a large living room, a kitchen with dining room or a staircase that communicates with the upper floor, try incorporating several pieces with different shapes and colors. Your spaces are sure to shine with their own light!

combine XXL lamps

Or if you prefer, you can always mimic your luminaires with the rest of the decor elements. One or several pieces at different heights but in the same tones as the other decorative resources may be all you need to create a balanced and bright atmosphere.

Would you dare to decorate the rooms of your home with XXL lamps?

XXL size modern lamps

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