Discover the noretnic, the decorative style that is all the rage

The Nordic or Scandinavian style is a decorative trend that proposes relaxed atmospheres, which bets on luminous and monochromatic spaces, but without the coldness of the most rigid minimalism. When on this neutral base we give ethnic touches in order to add to the environment an exotic air and certain touches of the palette of toasted and pastel colors, the noretnic style arises, a decorative trend that is currently causing a furor and of which we reveal all the keys room by room.

Discover the noretnic, the decorative style that is all the rage

noretnic salon

The combination of Nordic and ethnic styles results in the noretnic, a decorative trend that proposes neutral and bright spaces, but with a tribal touch, natural fibers and wood.

The noretnic follows in the wake of the bohemian style, creating environments that invite relaxation, but without resorting to vibrant or too intense colors. It would be more in line with boho chic, which has a more sophisticated air, but still more free of the superfluous and embracing the straight lines and comfort of the Nordic.

noretnic style

In noretnic living rooms, the Scandinavian functionality is in the sofas and tables, which stand out for their clean design. The importance of accessories is key: kilims in geometric patterns, leather or braided fiber ottomans, macramé or wooden beads, brass or bronze accessories, etc.

noretnic bedroom

The same pattern is followed in the noretnic bedrooms. You must keep in mind that the essential thing is to rest well, so you have to avoid bright colors, better light pink, earth tones and white. Simplicity is imposed adorned with textures that give the jute, rattan or wicker. Do not hesitate to bet on some hand-carved colonial furniture.

Scandinavian and ethnic bedroom

Functionality prevails in the noretnic style environments, but comfort is at the service of ethnic influences that embrace cultures such as Moroccan, colonial or African.

A material that cannot be overlooked in noretnic kitchens is the hydraulic tile, as long as its geometric pattern is simple and symmetrical, as well as respecting neutral colors. It is a step beyond the rustic Scandinavian, giving prominence to basketry and Moroccan-inspired earthenware.

noretnic kitchen

In the noretnic bathrooms a fantastic combination is the stone washbasin with aluminum faucets on a simple white furniture design. Complements such as a colonial cabinet, a paper and leather lamp or different vintage vases will do the rest.

noretnic bath

Offices do not go unnoticed to the charm of noretnic. If you want your home office to soak up this style, eliminate distractions, place some plants, get a wooden desk and complete the environment with a long pile rug.

noretnic office

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