Cottagecore, country style gets romantic

To talk about life in the countryside is to talk about serenity, calm and tranquility. It is to enjoy the little things, but also to connect with the essential from a scrupulous respect for our well-being and that of everything around us. Cottagecore, the country style that threatens to become a trend in 2021, is largely based on this maxim.

Cottagecore, country style gets romantic

If last year's confinement taught us anything, it is that routine is much more than long days of work, stress and rushing around. Time stopped months ago, making it clear that the concept of home goes beyond the space contained within four walls and that simplicity has much to offer to our lives.

The pandemic has changed our way of understanding life and cottagecore is one of the trends that is gaining followers in this new normality, a country style that is becoming romantic.

Both premises mark, in part, a trend that reinterprets country life from an urban perspective. The cottagecore advocates the creation of cozy environments, for the recovery of a simple, rural and natural lifestyle idealizing, in part, that rural life full of traditions.

cottagecore style

Furniture features prominently in a room with a cottagecore aesthetic. Since it is a style that reinterprets country living but updates it, it is not uncommon to find vintage pieces and wooden furniture as central elements of the decor.

This is a trend with a certain inclination towards traditions, so recovering pieces of yesteryear that evoke the past is a must-have. More than recreating atmospheres of another era, it is about reusing everything possible. Chairs, tables, cupboards, shelves? Any of them can become a treasure.

cottagecore decoration

True to the country style, a cottagecore environment cannot be understood without the presence of wood. It can decorate ceilings, floors and even walls, although it is in the furniture where it cannot be missing.

Here we find it with natural or stripped finishes, always contributing to create that cozy and warm atmosphere typical of this type of environments. However, these pieces of traditional essence are mixed with other contemporary soul giving life to spaces full of personality.

cottage style materials

Other essential elements within the cottage aesthetic are color and patterns. The chromatic palette not only recreates cozy atmospheres but also maximizes visual perception. To achieve this, white, beige or cream are the most popular colors.

Nature is also present in these environments. We see it materializing in vases full of flowers, for example. It even inspires floral prints on textiles or handicrafts.

how to decorate with cottagecore style

Lighting deserves a separate chapter, another aspect to take into account in order to achieve the cottagecore aesthetics that, in any case, seeks to recreate serene and cozy spaces full of charm.

Natural light floods the rooms using different allies. In addition to light colors, it is supported by large windows and light curtains. Both allow the sun's rays to fill the rooms, thus connecting them to the outside.

cottagecore style materials

Small details can make a big difference and cottagecore style is no exception. Here the accessories look to the past looking for pieces that exude tradition. Crochet cushions, tea sets, porcelain... There are all sorts of elements that you can use to transform your home into an environment inspired by the country style with a romantic touch.

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But if there is one trait that defines cottagecore, it is its constant evolution, and that is where one of its main attractions lies. Although the trend reinterprets life in the countryside, it does so with a contemporary background. This point of view is marked by sustainability, concern for ecological living, self-care and a taste for tradition.

The result is a warm, welcoming and vibrant décor that transcends interiors to become a lifestyle.

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