Decorating with striped textiles

Striped textiles never go out of fashion, if anything they reinvent themselves. They are a perfect complement to bring dynamism to environments that on their own are a bit dull.

Decorating with striped textiles

10 ideas with striped patterns

Balance. Stripes are associated with geometry and order, but in excess they can be overwhelming.


Partial. This is the option chosen by those who find it too much to decorate entire walls using this pattern.


Variety. There are many alternatives. We can find this pattern in carpets, curtains, bedding or upholstered seats.


Black and white. The color, thickness and orientation of the stripes will determine the appearance of our room. This chromatic binomial never fails.


Mixing patterns. It's a risk not everyone is willing to take, but combining stripes with flowers or polka dots usually looks great.


Neutral tones. A trick to avoid making mistakes when mixing is to use patterns of the same chromatic range. If straight lines bore you, go for chevron stripes.


A duo. In this living room they have dared to combine stripes of different colors. They have divided the area into two: one with blue stripes and the other in green.


Plain. If the combination of several prints is too much for you, use saturated tones to coordinate and create a harmonious ensemble.


Stairs. It is a decorative trend of the most current. Stripes are perfect to give warmth to this area of the house.


Saturated. It doesn't have to be all plain or patterned, and as an example we have the cover of this sofa that combines multicolored stripes with vibrant you use stripes in any textile in your home?


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