A shoe rack in the foyer

There's nothing like getting home and getting comfortable. Some people simply get rid of bags and coats. Others go for a complete change of look. But we all have a tendency to get rid of shoes, especially in times of pandemic. So that the entrance of the house does not become a real battlefield, it is important to have a shoe rack in the hall, as it is something really useful. Its practicality is undeniable but, in addition, its versatility in terms of design makes it difficult not to find a solution that suits our needs.

A shoe rack in the foyer

Having a shoe rack in the hall is a must in your decoration. In addition to adding attractiveness to the design, it will provide the entrance of your home with a very functional element.

The most common proposals are traditional shoe cabinets. Whether with slanted shelves, shelves or drawers, their interior protected by doors offers a space that guarantees a perfect organization for shoes.

A shoe rack in the foyer

Another popular alternative are compact shoe racks with hinged doors. Their modules can be divided to maximize their capacity and there are even some that combine different storage options. Capacity, materials or style are some of the issues you should consider before choosing your shoe rack.

narrow shoe rack in the foyer

Modular compositions add flexibility to the entrance design. Opting for this type of pieces as a formula to incorporate a shoe rack in the entrance hall is interesting to add dynamism to the decoration.

However, it is also a perfect idea to explore different applications of the furniture. If you get tired of using it as a shoe rack, or if you don't need as much space for your shoes, you can always convert it to accommodate new decorations.

shoe rack at different heights in the hallway

It is common to find the shoe rack in the hall as a separate piece of furniture. However, when space permits, opting for a solution that incorporates a coat rack and shoe rack all in one can be very inspiring.

The combined solutions of coat rack and shoe rack are gaining popularity. In addition to having organized footwear, there will be no coat, bag or accessory that is not located and ready to leave the house.

shoe rack and coat rack

Lighten the visual weight of a passage area such as the entrance is something that can also help a shoe rack. Opting for an open design will promote a greater sense of visual spaciousness.

If, in addition, you opt for a wooden solution, you will always have a warm welcome at home. But be careful not to let chaos take over the interior if you don't want to spoil the cozy feeling you're looking for in the foyer.

rustic style shoe rack

There's nothing like being a little bit 'mannish' to give your home a unique personality and the perfect starting point is the foyer. A DIY shoe rack will be your best ally to respond 100% to your shoe organization needs.

Wooden boxes or pallets star in many of the ideas that you can find in a multitude of Do it yourself forums. However, it is also not bad to bet on a simple design of shelves that you can place at the height you need and even reinvent it on a whim when necessary.

DIY shoe rack

Another simple idea to have a shoe rack in the hall without too much hassle is to opt for the installation of shelves. You can give them your own style. To do this you just have to play with materials, sizes and even the arrangement itself on the wall.

If you choose some shelves as a shoe rack for the hall, before placing them in their final location you must make sure they have enough depth for the shoes you want to organize on them.

easy to install shoe racks in the foyer

Wooden stairs have become a very common resource in interior design and decoration. They are great allies in bathrooms and bedrooms, but there is more. Their contribution to the decoration of the entrance is also very attractive.

In a small hall, for example, using this type of element as a shoe rack is an option that should not be discarded.

ladder as a shoemaker

When space in the entrance of the house is scarce, creativity is the best ally to not give up having a shoe rack in the hall. Adapting its size to the available surface is the first step to achieve it. But there is no reason to give up originality.

A simple rack is perfect for keeping your heels always on point. Surely there are also designs capable of providing you with the resource you need for all types of shoes.

original shoe rack

We are used to think about organizing shoes at floor level but why not look for a solution in height? Shelves are a good idea. But if you are looking for something more original, a coat rack for your boots and shoes can be the key. With this system you can have a shoe rack in the hall regardless of the space you have.

shoe rack in height

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