Tips for preparing the terrace for the summer

We have just inaugurated the summer season, so if you still don't have your terrace ready.... you're a little late! In any case, don't worry because the temperatures will still allow you to prepare your terrace for the summer without having to worry about the heat. The only thing is that you will have to carry out the tasks to decorate this space avoiding the central hours of the day. In addition, if in spring you already spent time preparing the terrace, now you will not have to make so much effort. Remember that you don't need to spend money on a monumental work. A few simple but decisive changes can give a totally new image to your exteriors.

Tips for preparing the terrace for the summer

Cleaning and painting, paying attention to the floor and choosing the right furniture and accessories are the main tasks to prepare the terrace for the summer.

Before you get down to work, you should take a look at your terrace to know what you are facing. If you have already painted the railing and the walls in spring, for example, that's what you are taking off. Cleaning the floor and doing a laundry with the textiles will be essential.

cleaning the terrace in summer

The protection of furniture and accessories from the action of the sun is essential. For this purpose, many use solutions such as reeds or bamboo for railings. Another great option is the use of privacy screens, available in various colors.

concealment netting on the terrace

These fabrics are able to filter the sun's rays and provide privacy. They are a great ally to preserve the floor, especially if you decide for an exterior wood tile floor. These platforms are quickly assembled thanks to their click system.

wood decking for exteriors

In addition to these elegant floors, there is a much cooler alternative: grass. Obviously, on a small terrace it is not very feasible, but artificial grass helps to create a summery atmosphere and invites you to go barefoot - forget about carpets!

lawn on the terrace

Generally, nobody has an outdoor furniture for each season, but always the same, but with a different touch. That nuance is provided by textiles, and in summer, bright colors are in. Give black and white a rest, please.

preparing the terrace for the summer

Summer is the favorite season for many children, basically, because they don't have to go to school. To make them enjoy the terrace, take their toys to a corner of it. If you have space, a small inflatable pool will keep them entertained.

toys on the terrace

There is nothing more pleasant than summer naps. If you are lucky enough to have a balcony with an orientation where the sun doesn't shine directly on it after lunch, you will surely find a kind of divan on the terrace that will give you a well-deserved rest.

taking a nap on the terrace

What is a summer terrace without an umbrella? When the space does not allow to install one with its full diameter, we can find examples that only open half, as well as sails, which are very practical. Ultimately, the awning will be our ally.

umbrella on the terrace

When night falls, the terrace in summer becomes our favorite room in the house. To make the atmosphere magical, nothing better than soft lighting. The latest trend are the LED umbrellas. If we also have a fountain nearby, the relaxation will be maximum.

terrace umbrella with leds for terrace

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