Get organized at home: Find the best space for children's playgrounds

Children are spending a lot of time at home due to the COIV-19 health alert. Entertaining them for so many hours is proving hard for many parents who, in addition to paying attention to their children, must telework.  The children's room should be their refuge, a place where comfort goes hand in hand with safety. Creating a corner for them to enjoy in their bedroom or in the living room or, directly, taking advantage of a room to decorate a children's playroom is a good idea.

Get organized at home: Find the best space for children's playgrounds

To decorate a children's playroom, the important thing is to have enough space for the child to be able to develop his imagination and unleash it as he pleases.

Adapting a guest room as a playroom for children is easy. It is essential that the floor is protected so that the little ones do not hurt themselves. A large rug is a good alternative.

children's wallpaper

The blackboard is an ideal complement in your children's rooms. It promotes the development of their creativity, making fun drawings every day or learning to write letters with your help.

children's blackboard

Their children's drawings are the best decorative object for rooms with space for a playroom. On the other hand, a must for this type of rooms is the children's office, with a table and a chair adapted to their age.

children's office

Another great toy is the children's kitchenette. The little ones love to imitate us and this kind of furniture designed for children is an excellent resource to make recipes in their company, since they are completely functional.

children's kitchen

The teepee is a complement that the little ones of the house love. This space gives them privacy. Place it in their playroom, in their bedroom or in a corner in the living room.

If you have several children, it is possible to combine several areas in their playroom. From a teepee for them to play at being in a cabin in the woods to a table with chairs for them to paint, to a rug with poufs to read their favorite stories.

tepee in children's room

If the room is smaller, opt for a divan bed, but don't give up the teepee because your children will love it. Since children's tables and chairs take up little space, it will be easy to find a place for them.

children's tepee

Give a twist to that corner of the living room and adapt it for the little ones to enjoy. Put up a teepee and try to organize the toys by categories. It is essential that you teach them to pick them up after their playtime.

tepee in the living room

Storage in children's playrooms is a major issue. Shelves will make it easier, especially if you combine them with boxes. Under the table you also have options

Order must prevail in playrooms. To avoid chaos, it is best to facilitate the organization of all the objects that children play with, from toys to books. Vertical shelves are a great suggestion.

children's shelves

Children's books are full of beautiful illustrations with lots of color to stimulate children. The narrow shelves will allow you to display the covers of their favorite books, so that they have them close at hand.

children's reading room

In addition to cabinets, drawers and shelves, the space under the bed where they sleep or the table where they sit to draw is perfect for toy storage boxes.

children's storage

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