Tips for parquet: Choosing the wood and color

Wooden floors are, by definition, an option called to provide spaces with an indisputable warmth. But choosing the type of wood and, therefore, the color of the flooring is not always easy. That is why it is advisable to follow certain tips for parquet to find the most appropriate option for your home.

Tips for parquet: Choosing the wood and color

Taking into account the size of your home or its style are just a few tips to find the most appropriate parquet, not only in terms of color, but also in terms of the type of wood.

Regardless of the type of wood and color chosen, it is important to be clear that parquet floors offer advantages and disadvantages. Among its advantages is its ability to create cozy and warm atmospheres, besides being natural floors, easy to maintain and durable. However, they are more delicate than other floors, easily succumb to knocks and scratches and can be damaged by light or humidity.

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The type of wood and color are important. But before even thinking about these questions, you should decide whether you want a wood floor as such or are willing to explore other alternatives. Laminate floors are significantly cheaper than natural wood parquet, although unlike the latter, they cannot be repaired. There are also ceramic floorings whose finishes imitate wood but, in these cases, the feeling of warmth is only appearance.

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Having clarified the most recurrent doubts about wooden floors, we will now address some tips for parquet, necessarily, by talking about materials and colors. We will start with dark-colored parquet, an ideal choice to give spaces an unquestionable elegance and sophistication.

This type of finish is perfect for homes where space is not a problem, as it tends to absorb light. Given the character of these floors, it is advisable not to overload the environments, thus giving part of the protagonism of the decoration to the pavement.

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Along with the color or type of wood, another of the tips for parquet has to do with the choice of finish. Generally you can choose between varnished, oiled or matte according to your taste.

Walnut or wenge parquet, for example, is ideal if you are looking for those dark tones reminiscent of stately homes. Resistant and durable, they are highly decorative thanks, among other things, to the grain of this type of wood, capable of creating sophisticated and stylish patterns.

In the same line, the cherry wood parquet will add a differentiating touch to your spaces with reddish shades of the most unique. However, an option that is gaining popularity is to opt for oak wood bathed in the tone of your choice.

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But if you are looking for a floor that, in addition to adding warmth, does not detract one iota of light to your rooms, yours is the light wood parquet. This type of flooring works very well in small houses where, in general, every detail of the decoration is aimed at maximizing the spatial perception.

The versatility of this type of finishes opens a universe of possibilities as far as combinations are concerned. With white walls, colored doors or furniture made of different materials... there are endless alternatives!

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Keeping in mind the style of your home is another tip for light-colored parquet that you can't overlook. While it is true that it fits perfectly with all kinds of styles, it is with Nordic and minimalist interiors where its contribution to the attractiveness of the room is even more evident. Because of its elasticity and resistance, maple and beech wood are the most popular for lovers of light parquet.

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For those looking to make a difference with less common alternatives, gray parquet can be a solution. As with cherry wood, it is less common, which makes it an interesting option to make your spaces unique. Perfect for modern interiors, it allows a wide freedom when it comes to combining with the rest of the elements: from furniture to accessories, textiles, plants, walls... There is a lot to choose from.

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