An empty white wall transformed with shelves

There are times when lack of budget limits our possibilities and ideas and a blank wall has to remain blank until we can equip it as it deserves. Although we may like clean and simple spaces, a blank wall like the one in this article is a wasted wall. When the space at home is conspicuous by its absence, any corner where we can gain meters for, for example, storage, is to take advantage of.

An empty white wall transformed with shelves

Before and after a white wall

Transforming an empty white wall like this one into a panel where to install economical and spacious shelves, with plenty of shelves, is simple and we can do it ourselves.

The important thing is to take the measurements of the wall and make a preliminary sketch on paper to calculate the number of planks needed and their measurements, as well as the necessary bars and anchors.

With the measurements in hand we went to the DIY center and bought planks of different sizes to assemble a complete shelf to fill and take advantage of the wall, which in this case has a central point, the fireplace or steel stove.

Before assembling the shelf, it is advisable to sand the boards and give them a coat of primer and a coat of varnish and let them dry. For the placement of the metal bars and supports of the shelf we will need to mark the exact points using a meter, a pencil and a level.

You fix the guides or supports with screws and a drill and you can combine planks and put them in place to achieve a Nordic style shelf like this one, giving life and utility to a dull and empty wall that was wasted.

Now you can use the wall as a TV area, using one of the shelves as a TV cabinet, as a bookcase or as a display for your travel souvenirs or to place baskets or decorative boxes to store your belongings out of sight.

Since it is a large shelf that occupies the entire wall, it will be a complement where to place many objects so it is necessary to secure and fix the screws well and choose quality wood, strong and stable so that the shelf does not end up yielding to the weight.

An empty white wall transformed with shelves

If you did not know how to take advantage of that empty wall and that also does not mean a great economic outlay, follow these tips and you will get an excellent result.

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