7 keys to Hygge style

Of Danish origin, Hygge was first conceived as a trend related to lifestyle, later moving also to home decoration. In the field of interior design, it is characterized by an aesthetic close to minimalism where comfort and simplicity have priority. It is time to discover the keys to the Hygge style.

7 keys to Hygge style

To decorate according to the Hygge style, it is essential to emphasize natural light, soft colors, smooth paint, wood, flowers and candles. The idea is to create an intimate and comfortable atmosphere.

Natural light is important. Coming from a Scandinavian country, where there are not too many sunny days, a lot of attention is paid to the use of the windows, eliminating all ornaments that prevent or worsen the lighting during the day. If we put some kind of curtain, it should be light and made of organic fabric.

Soft colors and more lightness. Shades such as white, brown or beige help to brighten the room and give it more space visually. In addition, non-essential elements are eliminated from the equation. The idea is not to clutter and improve the fluidity of the whole.

Paint is better than paper. In order to create the simplicity we are looking for, it is preferable to apply layers of paint rather than overload the walls and ceiling with patterns. Even if we like geometric effects in wall coverings or wallpapers, their baroque character tarnishes the final objective.

Wood as the main element for furniture. It is usually used due to its vegetal origin and the warmth it brings to the environment. It is also a priority for flooring, either as a platform or parquet. As for accessories, you can choose fabrics such as cotton, wool, hemp or linen.

An ornament of flowers. Although it may seem very rustic, a few plants and bouquets in the windows or tables, or even petals in different parts of the house give it a very special charm. Hygge gives great importance to the plant element because it connects us with nature.

Candles for an intimate atmosphere. It doesn't need to be winter or Christmas to light them. Their flame is present all year round, even in hot weather. At night, they are able to create a very special atmosphere both indoors and outdoors. If they are scented, it is better that the aromas are not too penetrating.

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