Utility of plants and trees: they do not only decorate and provide shade.

You may not have stopped to think about all that the plants and trees in your garden do for you and the planet. Perhaps you have only planted them for their color or shape. However, any plant species has practical applications that you may not be aware of, beyond their ornamental beauty. The ideas we have gathered in this article about the uses of plants are generic. If you dare, you will surely find more specific uses of indoor plants, and even medicinal uses of plants.

Utility of plants and trees: they do not only decorate and provide shade.

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Shade is one of the outstanding utilities of trees when summer arrives. Trees that protect your house from the heat

Shade trees are the best allies of hot summers. There are species that are capable of removing the heat from your house if you plant them in the right place. One way not to make a mistake is to go for evergreen trees, since they will be populated all year round, unlike deciduous trees.

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There are maples, such as the Japanese maple or love maple, which, with their pretty pink leaves, not only reduce the impact of the sun's rays, but also create beautiful patterns. Other smart choices are jacaranda, chestnut or poplar.

It doesn't matter what types of trees you have. Any species is capable of making the air cleaner and the environment healthier.

The air you breathe will become much healthier if you have trees nearby, something very noticeable if you live in a big city. Trees provide ambient humidity and are able to oxygenate the environment. In addition, they insulate part of the outside noise.

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If you live in the city, they will help to reduce urban pollution from cars, heaters, dust, microbes, etc. They also act against industrial pollution, reducing the impact of CO2.

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Wind is an element that can be very uncomfortable if you live in an area prone to strong gusts. If you decide to plant trees and do it in the right places, you will be able to avoid the air. They also prevent erosion, which can be caused by both wind and rain.

Do you know aromatic plants? Species with great culinary applications that you can grow indoors or outdoors.

The universe of aromatic plants is very extensive: juniper, rosemary, mint, peppermint, coriander, basil, fennel, thyme, etc. Their gastronomic applications are enormous, as they are used to season stews, decorate dishes, make delicious sauces or season certain liqueurs.

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If you are wondering how to plant aromatic plants, the truth is that you have several options. To have them at hand, it is best to make a seedbed of aromatic plants and place it in a sunny but protected spot. If you have an outdoor space, you can also plant aromatic plants in the garden, in the vegetable garden or in pots.

The utilities of plants and trees outdoors. The aesthetic function of trees, climbers and small shrubs.

If you want to give a country touch to the architecture of your house, you can use climbers on the facade. Also, do not give up the charm of climbing plants for pergolas because they will provide shade in a natural way.

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If what you need is to have privacy in the garden or terrace, the use of some species as fences will come in handy to delimit with plants in a natural way. Another of the utilities of the plants is that they get is to scent the environment. A good smell in the outside of your house, always will invite to enter to her.

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