Integral porcelain tile: a decorative and functional solution

When it comes to dressing the home, the materials occupy a chapter of exception and there are many doubts that assail us before choosing. Integral porcelain tile is one of the options offered by the market. It is a material with enormous potential both in interiors and exteriors. Versatile, attractive, resistant... It has everything to captivate, but what exactly is this type of material?

Integral porcelain tile: a decorative and functional solution

Its resistance, versatility and easy maintenance are just some of the attractions that make integral porcelain tile a perfect choice for both floors and walls.

Porcelain tiles are, in essence, a type of ceramic material made from pressed and fired ceramic with low porosity. The latter is its main characteristic, since part of its performance depends to a large extent on it. In fact, for this type of tile to be considered porcelain tile, the water absorption rate must be less than 0.5% or less, depending on the experts.

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Among the many attractions offered by this material, its resistance is one of the most outstanding. Porcelain tile is a very durable covering that resists abrasion, knocks and scratches well and, since its porosity is almost nil, liquid absorption -and the resulting stains- are not a problem either.

Likewise, it withstands sudden changes in temperature and even chemicals, mainly in the form of cleaning products, have a hard time damaging this type of coating.

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Another striking aspect of the integral porcelain tile is the ease of maintenance. All it takes is a little water and neutral soap to restore its surface to its former splendor. It is also a very hygienic floor -a consequence of its impermeable nature- and stain-resistant. And if you are thinking of placing it outdoors, it will be a great choice because, in addition to being resistant, attractive and easy to maintain, it is non-slip!

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In addition to its advantages as a material, the design plays in favor of the integral porcelain tile as you can find it in different colors, sizes and even imitating other materials.

Beyond its technical performance, we cannot forget that it is a highly decorative solution. There are countless colors and designs that, in addition, resist exposure to the sun without any problem. But the versatility of the proposals does not end there. In the market you can find an endless number of sizes and formats, as well as pieces with different textures for all kinds of scenarios.

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This chameleon-like nature is another of the advantages of porcelain tile, the same one that gives it the ability to adapt to both interior and exterior designs. If you are thinking of dressing your rooms with this material, you should know that it is perfect for both floors and walls. You can even use it as a countertop or as a covering for your furniture in the kitchen, bathroom, living room...

Integral porcelain tile can also be used outdoors with great results. Since it is a non-slip material, it is ideal for floors on terraces, patios and gardens. It is not only a functional option. Its designs make it a highly decorative and weather-resistant resource. And there is even more. It is precisely this resistance that makes it an ideal option for use as flooring in high-traffic floors: offices, shopping centers, commercial premises...

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In its most decorative dimension, porcelain tile is a highly recommended option. It is perfect, even if you are looking to imitate other materials. How about porcelain floors imitating wood for your rustic living room? How about a version with finishes reminiscent of microcement to dress the walls of your industrial-inspired bathroom?

You can also add a vintage touch to your rooms with hydraulic porcelain tiles or recreate a more classic atmosphere with rectified, glossy or polished porcelain tiles. There is a lot to choose from!

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