Eco-friendly lamps: the light of sustainable decoration

Lighting is a fundamental aspect in our home, but even this vital complement can be improved to make our relationship with the environment healthier. Sustainable decoration is a trend. That's why ecological lamps are very fashionable. Dare to bet on designs made from low-impact recycled materials. Thus, in addition to properly illuminate your home you will be in harmony with nature.

Eco-friendly lamps: the light of sustainable decoration

Ecological hanging lamps are capable of transmitting a high degree of elegance to any environment. Made with materials such as sustainable wood, clay or papier mache

The lamps of the Australian firm Klaylife are made with clay beads. Not only will you have a very original luminaire, but you will be supporting the local community and helping the economic independence of South African women who work with this material.

Klaylife Swish

David Trubridge is a designer with a strong commitment to the planet. That's why he only works with sustainably sourced wood. He also uses natural, non-toxic oils and ships orders flat-packed to minimize his carbon footprint.

David Trubridge Coral

Morphe is a series of Creare lamps made of papier-mâché. Its smooth surface and oval shape stand out for their unique imperfections and wrinkles, giving this lighting element an exclusive character. In addition, only natural pigments are used to dye them.

Creare Morphe

Currently, it is also possible to find table models of many ecological lamps. Wood from felled trees and non-toxic enamels or glues are their attributes.

Almut Von Wildheim's ecological lamps use materials such as hemp or jute, as well as beech, oak or walnut wood. The idea arose when they found a tree that had been cut down due to a fire hazard. They decided to take advantage of it and the rest is history.

Almut Von Wildheim

Mob Wood is a retro style lamp designed by Swab Design and available in seven fun colors. Its structure is made of ash wood, to which an environmentally friendly varnish has been applied. The halogen bulb ensures energy efficiency.

Swab Design Mob Wood

Another designer who takes sustainable decorating very seriously is Tom Raffield. His creations put great effort into minimizing the ecological footprint. Thanks to the steam bending technique, he avoids the use of toxic glue when handling wood.

Tom Raffield Artus

Within the catalog of new products related to the most sustainable lamps, we find examples of floor and wall lamps that will be perfect in any corner of our house.

Modern Gesture's pieces are absolutely spectacular. Recycled wood is at the base of creations that stand out for their strong African accent. The visible head of this studio is Candice Lawrence, an artist who elevates respect for the environment to the category of art.

Modern Gesture Woven Expression

Another example of a floor lamp is the Veggie Lights by Vaidehi Thakkar and Nir Meiri Studio. The shades of these fixtures are made of red cabbage leaves. The latticework gives the spaces a warm glow. A functional, low-impact option that will delight any deco-addict.

Vaidehi Thakkar Nir Meiri Studio Veggie Lights

Wall sconces can turn a hallway or foyer into something more than just a place to pass through. At Blom and Blom, they use industrial leftovers -from pipes to scraps- to manufacture and restore striking lamps with a unique history.

Blom and Fox

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