Sisu, the Finns' key to better living

It has no literal translation, yet sisu is a concept that is identified with the Finnish people. Perseverance in the face of adversity, inner strength as a tool to move forward or, in other words, having guts in the most complicated moments are some of the ideas that encompass the term, which has become a philosophy of life in the Nordic country.

Sisu, the Finns' key to better living

The Nordic people have a particular way of understanding the world, maybe that's why they have terms to define all kinds of things and the Finnish sisu is a way of thinking that makes them live better.

Putting Finnish sisu into practice is nothing more than showing the best disposition when it comes to solving challenges, those same challenges that provide the best life lessons. This determination or willpower can be applied in all areas of life, including the home, a key piece in the balance of any mortal.

what is the finnish sisu

Stress management is one of the pillars on which the Finnish term is based. Anxiety management goes beyond work, home economics or personal relationships. At home, it involves creating a stress-free environment or, in other words, a harmonious place that invites calm.

What is known as slow deco is one of the maximum expressions of the application of this trend to interior decoration, a bet to turn the house into a real oasis where to take refuge from worries. It is not about hiding from stress but, rather, to manage that anxiety using our inner strength.

sisu characteristics

Impatience produces suffering and against this, the sisu recipe is clear: perseverance. Stoicism is another of the keys of this Finnish current to overcome those negative moods that lead to frustration or resignation. Faced with them, the key is always not to give up.

Achieving this inside the home can be as simple as fighting chaos. Establishing routines and habits of order is the first step to avoid it in a relatively simple way. The important thing is not to give up. If one day you forget or don't have time to tackle the planned task, don't give up. Pick it up the next day and that's it.

keys to the finnish sisu

Practicing slow decoration, establishing routines of order or sharing tasks among all the members of the coexistence nucleus are just some ideas to be more comfortable.

While the term refers to one's inner strength, one of the features of the Finnish philosophy is the ability to work as a team. It is no secret that, as a society, Finns have an undeniable respect for themselves and those around them. Translated to the domestic sphere, the maxim implies that all members of the family unit are involved in household tasks and responsibilities.

how to apply sisu to decoration

But the sisu spirit goes beyond that and includes other characteristics closely linked to this ability to overcome the most adverse situations. Conflict resolution is another hallmark of Finnish philosophy, and it is no coincidence that people who display sisu are those who are able to face problems by seeking solutions. It is about making good decisions and, in this sense, emotional intelligence plays a key role.

sisu applied to decoration

Resilience is one of the terms that best defines this characteristic Finnish spirit. It is not only about using that inner strength to survive an adverse situation, but also about recovering and coming out stronger.

sisu practical application to home decoration

Along with this nature, other issues such as honesty, courage and self-confidence or the ability to assume that, as the popular saying goes, "there is no evil that lasts a hundred years" are part of the essence of the Finnish sisu.

how to apply sisu to interior decoration

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