Must-haves for decorating the beach house

Now that we have zero restrictions to move between provinces, it's time to pay a visit to the second home on the coast. Maybe you should take the opportunity to make an in-depth restyling and decorate the beach house as it deserves.  If so, you will have to take into account aspects that may not be so important in a city house. The textiles, the orientation of the furniture or the type of floor you put, are some of the factors to take into account when decorating your home on the coast.

Must-haves for decorating the beach house

Need ideas for decorating the beach house? Turn to lightweight textiles and join the trend that embraces sustainable materials. Give your home a Mediterranean flair.

As soon as you set foot in the beach house, you should breathe a special atmosphere. It is important that you have a place where you can change your shoes when you come from the beach, and even a closet to store your belongings or a table to rest them on.

decorating the entrance hall of a beach house

The duplexes are blessed with large doses of natural light thanks to the staircase's pull. Give the steps a Mediterranean touch by using different patterns of hydraulic-inspired tiles on the riser. A solution full of elegance.

stairs of a house on the coast

Color is one of the most important aspects when decorating a beach house. The tones that should predominate are those that emulate the sea, the sun, the sand and the sky.  Navy blue and turquoise are the favorites, but also the whole range of whites.

decorating the house on the beach

Large windows in the living room area in order to give more light to the space are essential, especially if the views are good, so do not block the windows. A great idea is a ceiling lamp with a fan.

living room on the coast

In the kitchen, choose marble or sintered stone for the countertop. On the floor, terrazzo or ceramic are somewhat cold. The floor is much warmer, although the resistance it offers to sand or drops of water from the sea is less. White furniture, exposed beams and fiber lamps are a combination of 10.

mediterranean style kitchen

The goal is to achieve a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom, in keeping with the gentle rhythm of the times of the most pleasant seasons of the year. A wooden paneling on the headboard wall is a great solution. Don't forget the seafaring accessories: demijohns, buoys with nets, starfish, etc.

coastal bedroom

The main thing in a guest room will be to put the focus on rest and tranquility. Wrought iron beds are very romantic. Let light in through the windows with linen curtains, and if there is room, place an armchair in a corner of the bedroom.

guest bedroom on the coast

In the bathroom of a beach apartment you can incorporate blue on the wall of the sink by protecting the wall from splashes with a ceramic backsplash. The stones and shells you find on the seashore, put them in one or more transparent glass jars and place them on a shelf.

bathroom in the sea

The exteriors of houses on the beach are very intense. It is essential to create a shaded area for shelter during the hours when the sun's rays are strongest. It is also essential to distribute a dining and social area to spend the evenings sheltered from the sea breeze.

beach exteriors

When you come from spending the day at the beach, an outdoor shower will be your best ally. There are easy to install models that work with a small solar panel. They will serve to remove the sand and saltpetre and not leave a trace inside the house.

outdoor shower

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