Torches for the garden: the perfect complement to the garden

The arrival of the summer season is synonymous with enjoying the outdoors. Patios, terraces and gardens will be the main protagonists of the coming months. Creating a cozy atmosphere through light is not exclusive to interiors. Beyond decoration, lighting is also key to make your outdoor spaces full of inspiration and torches for the garden are the perfect complement.

Torches for the garden: the perfect complement to the garden

Lighting is an essential factor in the decoration of outdoor spaces and garden torches are an attractive and functional resource with many possibilities.

This type of system completes the attractiveness of outdoor areas, extending their time of use beyond the hours of sunshine. As part of the outdoor decoration, they offer a multitude of options and are an original way of setting the scene. In fact, their use is not restricted to the private sphere, but they are common in leisure spaces and commercial design proposals.

torches for the garden

Versatility is part of its charm and, given its popularity, the market offers a multitude of solutions. In terms of design, the most common is to find bamboo torches for the garden, although if you are looking for a more modern option, you can choose between different materials.

The same goes for the shapes. Apart from the traditional aesthetics, the proposals are reinvented being perfect, not only for Mediterranean style gardens, but also for modern, tropical gardens.....

types of garden torches

Fuel is another key element to consider when choosing your garden torches. No alcohol, no gasoline. This type of complements for outdoor decoration is powered by kerosene oil, a solution that, in general, will avoid odors and risks beyond those strictly necessary.

If you want to multiply the functionality of these pieces, you can also opt for citronella kerosene. This powerful mosquito repellent that will help you enjoy a bright evening without the threat of bites.

bamboo torches for the garden

The alternative to oil torches are solar torches. Contrary to the former - with enough entity to be the main light of a stage - these lamps tend to have a more decorative character. Their LED-based lighting is charged during the day, although some models are also battery-operated and can even be recharged via USB.

Although the elegance of fire is often considered an added value, solar torches emit flickering lights capable of recreating the effect of flame.

garden paths with torches

Whether solar or paraffin-powered, torches are able to add a touch of originality to the outdoor decoration of any setting, whether it is a large garden or a terrace.

Depending on the use you are going to make of them, it will be more or less appropriate to choose one type of torch or another. The height of the sticks, for example, is a factor that can help you decide.

If you are not sure where to place them, try to delimit areas with them. The leisure area, chill out or outdoor dining area can be a good starting point. Choose tall solutions to mark the perimeter and smaller ones for the table. You will surprise your guests by creating an almost magical atmosphere.

A frequent use of these lighting systems is to create pathways. Their presence translates into an undeniable attraction for any garden path and you can employ different types. Oil torches, for example, are perfect for creating movie sets.

outdoor lighting

Although, if what you want is something practical and functional, low solar torches may be all you need.

torches for the garden: the complement to choose them

Once you have chosen your task and before you start buying your garden torches, think about what you really need. If you opt for real flame pieces, don't forget to leave a certain safety distance, anchor them correctly to the ground and protect them from the wind.

In any case, it is advisable not to carry them switched on, to switch them off correctly once you have finished using them and to store them upright.

torches for garden paths

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