25 ideas for a spring exterior

With spring comes the good weather and the flowering season. Now is when we can enjoy the exterior of our home the most. For these reasons, it has to look at its best. To achieve this we have selected several ideas, so do not miss them.

25 ideas for a spring exterior

25 ways to decorate outdoors in spring

A romantic garden. The owners of this space have created a dining corner in the garden. They have taken advantage of the shade and the structure of the tree to place some decorative garlands. They have dressed the table and chairs with cotton textiles in pink tones that help to create a really romantic atmosphere.

A more intimate corner. This is the perfect place to sit and chat or meet with friends. The space becomes cozier at night, thanks to the warm light emitted by the Arabic-style copper lamp hanging from the ceiling. There is a small stove and several chairs.

Large trees and shrubs protect the garden from prying eyes. Different spaces full of flowers are scattered on the ground as if they had grown there naturally. Two Balinese umbrellas separate the relaxation area, consisting of two small yellow sofas, and the dining area, decorated with black furniture.

A rustic exterior covered with vegetation. The green leafy plants and the presence of large trees bring exoticism to the environment. We also see the presence of some white flowers. Under the pergola we have only two pieces: a brown sofa and a rustic coffee table with wheels.

Narrow space between two buildings. The space is divided into three parts. To the left and right we see several trees, bushes, rockeries and plants of different sizes. The central part is paved with stone tiles. The furniture consists of animal print armchairs and a more elegant set of wooden table and chairs.

Mixing tropical and spring vegetation in the same exterior. As for the furniture, they have introduced another exotic element through the table with built-in fireplace. They have chosen earth armchairs, a great success, since being in the center they serve to link the tropical world with the floral one.

Contemporary patio with pergola. The deck is located above the dining area, to be able to eat comfortably on hot days. In the background, we see another space for conversation. It consists of a fireplace and several rattan seats.

A sunny and a shady area. You can sunbathe on the sun loungers and take a dip in the large swimming pool. On the porch they have created a sitting area. In it we see a sofa and a chaise longue, both made of rattan. The multicolor striped cushions and the carpet in orange tones help to create a homey feeling.

Different environments in each of the levels. At the top, we have a dining area formed by an elongated table and a set of chairs in black. In the middle, there is the swimming pool and an antique-looking staircase covered with vegetation. On the third level, the relaxation area consists of several armchairs and a small coffee table.

A most relaxing corner. The most spring-like landscape is found on the left, the wettest area. We also see other landscaped areas with large planters with flowers, trees and shrubs. It must be ideal to lie or sit in this garden while listening to the water falling from the waterfalls.

Garden with rest and meditation area. There are two levels. On the upper level we have the most modern area, formed by a furniture of wooden pieces. To the left we have a living room and to the right the dining area. The lower part takes us to an environment full of nature.

Total white. The color of the furniture is in harmony with the pool. Being a rectangular space, the corners have been used to create the garden areas. In the left corner and in the background, we see plant species more typical of rainfed areas.

A patio in the middle of the mountains. The pool area is paved with natural stone. Around, we see several reclining loungers, side tables and four wrought iron chairs in front. On the left side, there are rose bushes and trees planted in large planters. On the right side, they have taken advantage of the surrounding vegetation.

Mediterranean style garden. They have opted for earthy tones and aquamarine blues. A tiled fountain crowns the small pool. The water jets embedded in the terracotta floor, add even more charm to the environment. When you get out of the pool you can sit by the table with umbrella or relax on the sun lounger.

This exterior is located in a privileged natural setting full of large trees. It has lawn areas, but they have covered the use area with concrete, wood and glass. They have created several modules: the pool area with enough space for sunbathing under the umbrellas and a chill out area with sofas and tables.

In this garden they have also combined materials such as wood and concrete, but achieving a totally different decoration from the previous one. The concrete has a more aged appearance, creating a more classic atmosphere. As garden furniture, they have only used three armchairs and a small auxiliary chair.

A garden that requires little maintenance and little water. The stone-lined shed and the rectangular pool divide two natural landscapes. On one side we have a more dry area formed by gravel and some flowering plants. The area on the right is greener, with lawn and several trees.

Flowers on rockeries that fall over the pool. If it were not for the steps, at first glance we would think that instead of a pool it is a lake in the middle of the forest. This effect has been achieved thanks to the natural stone that covers the edges. There is vegetation in every corner. The facade of the house is covered with climbing plants.

Normally the pool is located in the backyard. I suppose the facade will protect the outside from prying eyes. A white tiled path leads inside. The loungers are indoors. They have combined rain-fed plants with greener, more colorful plant species.

A garden that has hardly any ornaments. It does not need them, because the limestone pool shines with its own light. The stone walls add even more naturalness to the environment. The wooden loungers are the only two pieces that make up the furniture.

A bohemian exterior. In this garden they have mixed very different pieces, but that complement each other perfectly. Of these, the ones that stand out the most are the hanging chairs. You can lie down to sunbathe in the two hammocks on the lawn or have a drink in the two wooden chairs next to the door.

For the sun loungers, chairs and all the furniture in general they have chosen a greenish blue, an intermediate tone between the color of the water and the green of the trees and the lawn. The floor where the set of tables and chairs is located and the one surrounding the pool is made of stone. They have opted for flowers, we see them in large pots and under the trees.

They have covered the floor with dark-colored wooden slats. Most of the furniture and accessories are made of the same material. The lampposts make it possible to enjoy the outdoors at night. As for the plants, we see a whole row covered with shrubs, flowers of different colors and large planters.

A swimming pool overlooking nature. This idea can only be carried out if you live in the middle of the mountains or have a good plot of land. Here walls are not necessary, as the height of the trees provides privacy. Next to the stone borders they have planted agapanthus, elephant grass and palmettos.

A classic French style garden. Its decoration is completely symmetrical. The center is occupied by a rectangular pool. In all the corners that make up the garden we see numerous shrubs, trees, etc.. They have differentiated with stone paving stones the part where the shed is located.

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