Lawn furniture

Do you want to integrate your garden furniture in such a way that it goes unnoticed? I am going to tell you the solution. You can make your dream come true by following these steps. You just need to have a large lawn, imagination or a package with specific products that usually consists of a frame, soil and grass seed.

Lawn furniture

How to make furniture with grass

Previously prepare the land where you are going to place your furniture. Think carefully because once you install it, you will not be able to move it. If you decide to buy the kit in a specialized garden center the task will be simplified. Otherwise you will have to prepare the skeleton of the furniture yourself.

It occurs to me that you can make armchairs, chairs, dining tables and side tables. With a little imagination you will make the structure. Once you have decided on the site, install the frame and make sure to pour the fertile soil and seeds. You can buy this material separately.

Here I show you how to assemble the sofa that you have seen in the image above. You can make the body of the sofa using interlocking cardboard. Fill each square with soil and pour the seeds. Don't forget to water it. Let the grass grow... and you will be able to enjoy your furniture!

The best type of grass to use is a lush, bright grass. Avoid the clover and poa varieties of lawns as they are not appropriate. Do you find this seat comfortable?

Personally I find it more funny and witty than useful but I wouldn't put it in my garden would you?

Looking around I found more models, some of them made with artificial grass. This is the case of this restored stool that has a very fresh look.

To lie down as if you were in the meadow of San Isidro, this lounger has been covered with grass sods with drip irrigation.

Any piece of furniture can be covered with this material. Look at the new look of these chairs and this dresser.

Antique furniture takes on a more unique and eco-friendly look with grass. In them you will feel like Marie Antoinette.

How would you feel if you took a nap on an outdoor bed?

We do not forget how rewarding it is to eat in the countryside, but if you live far away or do not have time to travel, do not hesitate to get a table of this type.

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