Decorating with green and black, a winning duo

Interior design is a discipline in which different elements work together to make each space have its own character. Among all the resources at your disposal, color is one of the most interesting. Not in vain, it is present in every corner. Walls, ceilings, floors, furniture, textiles? Nothing escapes the potential of an extraordinarily rich chromatic palette and decorating with green and black is a most interesting option.

Decorating with green and black, a winning duo

Color is one of the most powerful tools to give every space a unique personality and decorating with green and black is not only an elegant option, but also a truly inspiring one.

Separately, both colors give environments an undeniable halo of elegance and freshness. But together, their potential is multiplied, creating atmospheres that are pure inspiration. They do so by contrast. But also because they complement each other perfectly. You just have to find the right shades to give life to such interesting proposals as this living room.

decorating with green and black

In any case, you don't have to draw too much attention to it for the pairing to work. A leaden green on the walls, combined with black furniture and dotted with details in both shades may be all you need to make your living room decor simply captivating. Add some appropriate textiles and a few touches of wood and it will exude warmth!

decorating the living room with green and black

If the idea of decorating with green and black seduces you but you do not want to give all the prominence to only two colors, relax, there is an alternative. Among the benefits of both tones is the fact that they combine perfectly with a multitude of alternatives. Anthracite gray, powdered pink, white and even gold details are an example of how, on a green and black backdrop, there are hundreds of possible combinations.

decorating with green, black and pink in the living room

Beyond the living room, the kitchen is another of the rooms considered within the day area where the fusion of green and black can make the decoration more attractive. The possibilities are endless although a bet of olive green furniture in contrast to black countertops and coatings is a temptation. Of course, do not forget to add appropriate lighting to highlight the potential of the resources used.

decorating the kitchen with green and black

In the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen, the bathroom... Decorating in green and black is not a decision reserved only for the day area, in fact, it offers incredible results in multiple scenarios.

As in the case of the living room, you can also add some other chromatic nuances. A contrasting color such as yellow or fuchsia, are perfect to add vitality to a composition to which green and black bring freshness and sobriety.

what colors to decorate the kitchen with

The bathroom is a space for wellness and, as such, its design should be inspiring. From this point of view, decorating with green and black is perfect if, besides invoking serenity, you want to do it with style. Mixing different shades and coatings in green, while introducing accessories and pieces in black that make a chromatic counterpoint can be the most successful.

decorating the bathroom with green and black

Another way to turn this design into a winning formula is to play with finishes. Lime green, for example, is perfect for creating focal points, drawing attention to specific elements of your bathroom. The gloss finish reaffirms its prominence in the ensemble. Meanwhile, matte black finishes for the rest of the coatings and gloss also in the furniture are an ideal accompaniment.

decorating with green and black modern bathroom

Decorating with green and black is not exclusive to modern style spaces. Although many of the scenarios that bet on this mixture are contemporary, if you are more of classics, you can also get good results. Combined with moldings, a Chandelier and Louis XV style furniture, for example, the result is a bedroom that invites you to rest.

decorating the bedroom with green and black

Even if your thing is 'total black' scenarios, you can make your home more attractive by adding touches of natural evocation. Beyond furniture, textiles or accessories, plants can become your best allies to embrace that perfect black-green binomial. Let nature creep into your bedroom and you will live in a true garden that exudes elegance.

decorate bedroom with green and black

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