Arabian-inspired walls

In interior design and decoration there are trends whose mere contemplation is capable of transporting us to distant lands. This is what happens, for example, with the Moroccan style, a trend that drinks from the influences of the culture and customs of the Middle East. But if setting your home with this trend seems too much, a good way to transfer its appeal to your interiors is to opt for Arab-inspired walls.

Arabian-inspired walls

Arab-inspired walls can not miss the colors, shapes and materials typical of a decoration that recovers the typical aesthetics of the houses of Morocco and Arabia full of details.

Making the walls of your home the example of that taste for details, wrapped by reminiscences of luxury and comfort will be a success. But for the design to meet your expectations it is important to know some of the features that define this style as well as its peculiarities as far as wall decoration is concerned.

arabic-inspired walls

A good starting point to create the appropriate atmosphere by putting the accent on the walls is to study the color palette of this style. Many designs choose to paint the walls in white or beige in order to gain luminosity.

However, this style that is inspired by the colors of the desert is also open to incorporate bolder tones. Reds, oranges, sands? Even greens and blues sneak into these scenarios that claim color as part of their essence.

arabic inspired wall colors

Beyond color, shapes also define the hallmarks of Arab aesthetics. Moroccan decoration is full of arcades reminiscent of mosques. Horseshoe arches, lobed, pointed, tombed.... There are as many variants as there are options to incorporate them. In many cases we see them shaping the windows. But in many others, they appear as lattices, inspiring the motifs of the cladding and even decorating the decoration.

how to decorate arabic inspired walls

The contribution of textiles to the charm of Arabian-inspired walls is also interesting. In a colorful and evocative style like this, handmade resources are frequent. Handira blankets, kilim, cushions? There is plenty to choose from. But beyond floors, sofas or beds, textiles also adorn the walls. Here they take the form of tapestries. As in other pieces, they go for colorful prints, full of patterns, ethnic motifs...

arabic decoration ideas

If arches and geometries are the most repeated shapes in the decoration of Arabic-inspired walls, textiles also play a fundamental role in the attractiveness of the walls.

One of the advantages of the Arabic style applied to wall decoration is its extraordinary versatility. It adapts perfectly to oriental environments and shows a certain inclination to luxury and exclusivity. To achieve this, it not only resorts to the use of color or ethnic motifs and handcrafted details. Geometric and repeated patterns are also very present, becoming one of the hallmarks of this style.

arabic inspired wall accessories

Materials are another of the chapters to explore in order to give your walls an Arab decoration. But it is not so much about addressing its idiosyncrasies but rather, what raw materials you can incorporate as part of its props. Carved wood is a classic. However, carved metals are a real eye-catcher, capable of adding a distinguished touch to the walls.

tips for arabic inspired walls

If we talk about wall coverings, Andalusian tiles are among the most popular in Arab-inspired walls. You can place them halfway up or cover the entire wall and although they are usually used in kitchens and bathrooms, they are not uncommon in living rooms or exteriors. However, if there is one easily recognizable feature of this style, it is the borders.

Moorish-inspired tiled walls

If you do not want to complicate too much, a mirror can be all you need to give your wall an Arabian air of the most suggestive. In this type of decorations they are one of the most used resources thanks to their potential to reflect colors, details and lighting. Wrought iron, in gold or silver finishes, with sinuous shapes? You decide!

Arabian inspired wall mirrors

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