A room-by-room guide to choosing the right plants and flowers

To use a guide to choose the most suitable plants and flowers according to the space of the house you intend to decorate is essential to minimize the risk of them succumbing to the particular conditions of the room. It is not a mere aesthetic question. In addition to letting yourself be carried away by your tastes, it is important to have a minimum knowledge of the needs of the plants. This is the only way to prevent their passage through your home from being really ephemeral.

A room-by-room guide to choosing the right plants and flowers

There is no guide to choosing plants and flowers for your home that can guarantee their survival, but following certain tricks and recommendations can help you improve your relationship with them.

The kitchen, the living room, the bedroom? Each of the rooms in your house has its own particular characteristics and this can mean a different habitat for your plants. Special humidity conditions in the bathroom or kitchen, lack of light in the entrance or excessive movement in the living room are just a few examples.

In any case, decorating with plants is synonymous with freshness and well-being and, for this reason, we have prepared for you a selection of some of the most interesting options and tips to turn your home into an orchard. Read on!

guide to choosing plants and flowers

The starting point of every home is the foyer. However, it is also one of the spaces that generally receives the least attention in terms of decoration. Putting an end to it can be as simple as adding a touch of greenery that, in any case, must take into account its peculiarities. Usually we are talking about small spaces and with little lighting so you should opt for plants that do not require too much light.

The sanseviera is a very interesting alternative, not only because it does not require much light, but also because it is not particularly demanding in terms of watering. In addition, you can place it either in a pot or in a tall planter. In any case, if natural light is on your side, you can also incorporate other varieties such as ribbons, ficus or small trees.

guide to choosing plants and flowers for your entrance

The next stage of this guide to choose plants and flowers could not be other than the kitchen. Although it has traditionally been a work setting, in recent times it has become a capital space within the home and that shows in the decoration. Adding green touches to your kitchen design is perfect to give it a unique character.

Aromatic plants and cactus are two very interesting options. Although, beyond the chosen species, you must be careful with the place where you place them. Avoid placing them near the stove, oven or refrigerator as the heat could damage them.

a guide to choosing plants and flowers for the kitchen

Incorporating different textures and shades is a key issue so that the plants and flowers chosen contribute to improve the aesthetic appeal of any room in the house.

The living room is usually one of the most generous spaces in the house. This spaciousness gives you the perfect opportunity to incorporate a multitude of plants and flowers to create a truly inspiring atmosphere.

A brazilian trunk, a strelitzia augusta, a ficus, a marquis, orchids, begonias.... There are so many alternatives that it is difficult to decide. In any case, make sure that the result of the combination is harmonious. On the other hand, if you choose to include many varieties, do not rule out using an app to care for houseplants that provides information on their basic care.

guide to choosing plants and flowers for the living room

Your living room and dining room may share the same space in your home. But even if so, you can add small natural details to claim the presence of the latter. Hanging plants can be great allies in this regard. The famous potos, curly fern or ribbons are just some alternatives.

Or if you prefer, give the dining table the spotlight by including an attractive and natural centerpiece. Bromeliads, daffodils, hyacinths or begonias can be a perfect choice.

guide to choosing plants and flowers for the dining room

There are opinions for and against, but in this guide to choosing plants and flowers we could not fail to include some options for the bedroom. The contribution of moisture and their ability to purify the air are more than enough reasons to contemplate their incorporation into the design of the room.

Jasmine, orchids, Adam's rib? These are some of the varieties capable of invoking rest. Zamioculcas are also interesting, among other things, for their easy adaptation to spaces with little light and their resistance.

guide to choosing plants and flowers for the bedroom

If you thought there was no place in the bathroom to connect with nature, you couldn't be more wrong. In fact, in a room intended for well-being, plants and flowers have a lot to contribute. Depending on the light and, above all, the space available, you can choose from a multitude of alternatives.

For small bathrooms, for example, a simple touch of bamboo can give it a zen halo of the most interesting. Although if your bathroom is a real urban spa, try giving it a tropical feel with a Kentia. However, keep in mind that it can grow up to three meters long!

Do you have any other recommendations to add to this guide to choosing plants and flowers for the home?

guide to choosing plants and flowers for the bathroom

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