Natural clay lining for eco-friendly walls

Clay tile has become one of the trends in wall decorating that we saw throughout last year and is here to stay.

Natural clay lining for eco-friendly walls

With the rise of bio-construction and green architecture, clay-based coatings are one of the most innovative and sustainable building solutions of recent times.

They are also incredibly aesthetic, enhancing even the dullest corner of the house and giving life to the wall without the need to decorate it with anything else.

A material in trend

Already in the last edition of Casa Decor 2021 we could see how clay cladding triumphed among interior designers, architects and decorators, who opted notably for the use of natural, local and sustainable materials.

Natural clay linings

Examples of natural clay linings

In addition, this material offers very interesting chromatic possibilities always within the range of warm or neutral tones, making it a total success and trend of the season.

Chromatic possibilities of natural clay linings

Clay linings in natural colors

What is a clay lining and what are its advantages?

Clay is a sedimentary rock composed of granular minerals. It is one of those soft rocks that become plastic on contact with water.

For wall cladding it is used in the form of clay mortars, some created from a base of pure clay and calcareous materials (without the need to include a third finishing product) and others with a mortar base of cement, lime, sand and water, and a finishing product or paint.

Whichever option they choose, both look great. 😊

Functional advantages

As a natural material, it offers many advantages when undertaking a renovation, particularly when we are looking for a more ecological alternative to the usual ones.

Natural clay linings

Natural clay linings in renovations

First of all, mortars made from clay and selected sands are a 100% natural material that allows the walls to breathe, being valid for both exterior and interior facades.

Clay mortars for wall cladding

Clay mortars for bathroom wall coating

In addition, it is a light, resistant material and a good thermal and acoustic insulator (it regulates sudden temperature changes and increases energy savings), and is also ideal for neutralizing odors.

Clay mortars for wall cladding

Walls lined with clay mortars

In addition to its sensational finish, the clay coating has a great capacity to absorb moisture from our spaces.

Finally, its lightness makes it an easily transportable material, ideal for the reconstruction of old structures where the building does not allow for heavy loads that could compromise its stability.

Aesthetic advantages

If its functional advantages are many, the aesthetic ones are not far behind...

To begin with, natural clay mortars offer us friendly and versatile textures ideal for wall cladding. In fact, their roughness gives them a natural air ideal for styles such as Mediterranean, rustic chic or wabi sabi.

In general, they transmit an enveloping and warm sensation, making them ideal for false ceilings as well as for wall linings, walls and partitions of all types.

Clay in wall decoration

In addition, it is a material that, within the range of warm or earthy colors, offers a wide range of colors since, based on mixtures of minerals, it can represent almost all the tones that evoke nature.

Use of clay in wall decoration

Clay in wall decoration

Walls decorated with clay

Health benefits

Another of the great advantages of this material is that it has a positive impact on the health of the inhabitants, as it regulates humidity by absorbing it when there is excess and releasing it when it is scarce.

In this way, it prevents the appearance of fungi and potential associated diseases, such as allergies, asthma or lung problems.

Clay mortars for coating children's rooms

In fact, the clay coating is undoubtedly an ideal preventive material for the spaces of the little ones, since in winter their throats and mucous membranes tend to dry out due to temperature changes caused by heating.

Thus, the clay will allow the rooms to be warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

Clay in the decoration of walls in bedrooms

In addition, clay-lined walls allow you to breathe cleaner air compared to other materials that release particles that are harmful to your health.

Natural clay cladding in kitchens

And as a hypoallergenic and absorbent material, it is also an ideal choice for public buildings or hospitals or for coastal apartments.

And you, do you dare with this new option?

If you still have doubts and want to learn all about this and other materials, do not miss our online course "materials in interior design" in which you will have a complete overview of all the materials used in interior design so that you can choose wisely.

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