Furniture magically appearing and disappearing

Those who live in a small house know this perfectly well. The ingenuity must be sharpened if what we want is to be comfortable in a house that is not generous in square meters. Beyond the multipurpose furniture, those that allow to turn a dining room into an office thanks to a table or a living room into a bedroom thanks to a sofa bed, there are great solutions that transform spaces and that, at first glance, remain hidden thanks to the intelligent distribution of panels. With this kind of mechanism, the furniture appears and disappears, which means that we not only gain in functionality, but also in space.

Furniture magically appearing and disappearing

The furniture that appears and disappears is installed in such a way that, when it is hidden, it optimizes space, while when it sees the light it multiplies functionality

Forget what you knew so far about folding tables because the idea of the firm Pulltab will break your schemes. A brilliant way to save space in the living room and make it more walkable by taking advantage of a wall.


Folding beds are a classic. This apartment designed by Michael K. Chen Architecture (MKCA) inside a yacht has one bed coming out of the galley block and another behind the salon, where there is also a folding table.

folding bed

The television is a device that is not always pleasant to have on display, especially when visitors come to visit. With these panels, it is hidden and leaves bookshelves with books in view. A single movement and we can watch our favorite series. An idea of Widawscy Studio Architektury.

television in the living room

Do you like to watch TV in the bedroom? Then you will love this solution. If the wall opposite the headboard of the bed has a window and does not allow you to place the TV, do not worry: hide it in a small dresser.

tv in the bedroom

We are used to see how the stairwell is used for storage, but we had never seen a drawer in the baseboard hiding the bowl with the food for the dog or cat. A stroke of genius by StudioLAB.

pet food

A simple dresser at first glance, right? Actually, inside this bedroom designed by The Interior Workshop by Iryna Lysiuk hides a dressing table with mirror and a drawer to store makeup.

dressing table

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