How and where to find cheap vintage furniture

Having a magazine house can cost a fortune or involve a minimal investment. The secret is to turn adversity into opportunity and fight with ingenuity and patience what, for some pieces, can be an exorbitant price. Finding cheap vintage furniture is as good a way as any to give your interiors a unique personality without spending a fortune. You just need to know where to look and keep calm to find those pieces that will make your home a special place.

How and where to find cheap vintage furniture

Decorating the interiors of your home with cheap vintage furniture is a perfect way to give your rooms a unique personality without having to invest an exorbitant budget in the task.

Before embarking on the search, you should be clear that not everything that looks vintage is actually vintage. Often this aesthetic is confused with retro when, in fact, both concepts refer to different things. To talk about vintage objects is to talk about pieces designed in a different era than the current one.

Specifically, vintage are considered those elements prior to the 90s or, at least, with more than two decades old. However, retro aesthetic pieces are those that, although they evoke other eras, have been manufactured today following the patterns of the time they recall.

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Having defined the main differences, where to start looking? A good place to start is with old houses. Your grandparents' house, the old summer house in the village or the property of a relative are places where, almost in all probability, you can find real gems.

Furniture, decorative objects, accessories... Surely doing a quick search you find disused pieces that you can recover to incorporate as part of the decoration of your home.

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But if there's one place where you can find cheap vintage furniture without anyone claiming it, it's in the trash. As crazy as it may seem to you, many people get rid of old pieces for a multitude of reasons. In fact, municipalities often set up a day for the free collection of household goods and furniture.

It's not about getting inside the dumpsters, nothing could be further from the truth. All you have to do is find out what day of the week the removal is and walk around with your eyes wide open to see if you find anything interesting.

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New technologies have led to the emergence of new showcases where you can find cheap vintage furniture that previously could only be found in specific physical locations.

Flea markets, flea markets, and even the mythical flea markets are places where you can find flirtatious furniture and accessories from other eras at really interesting prices. They may not be in a particularly good condition but they are more than likely pieces with a lot of possibilities. If you are one of those who are not afraid to put your DIY talent to the test, restoring them yourself will give them added value.

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Thrift stores are another interesting place to look. If you opt for this option, you may find certain guarantees in the pieces, at least as far as their condition is concerned. Generally this type of establishments only admit furniture or objects that fulfill certain requirements and an acceptable conservation is usually one of them.

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One more step in your search for cheap vintage furniture is to go to an antique dealer. In antique stores you will find authentic collector's pieces although, yes, you are less likely to find "bargains". The advantage is that here you will have the peace of mind of knowing that you are dealing with pieces in good enough condition to take them home and start enjoying them.

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Although going through a flea market or going inside an antique or second-hand store has its charm, new technologies have arrived to facilitate the search for that piece of furniture you are so eager to find. Nowadays there are different platforms and applications that serve as virtual second hand markets between individuals. Thanks to them it is possible to find all kinds of objects and furniture at very interesting prices.

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There are also online auction websites where you can find practically everything and even social networks can be a good source of inspiration. There are those who are dedicated to showcase their findings in their profiles and even market them through networks like Instagram or Facebook.

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