How to have a rustic bedroom in an express way

Rustic style decoration is a classic that never goes out of style. It brings that warm, comfortable and cozy touch that is so appreciated and enjoyed in any of the environments of a home. When we start from scratch the design of a room to which we intend to print this style we must take into account different aspects. Also it is to choose the material that best combines with the rustic style that, as it could not be otherwise is natural wood. We give you the guidelines on how to have a rustic bedroom in an express way.

How to have a rustic bedroom in an express way

Among the keys to know how to have a rustic bedroom in an express way, we must point out: noble materials such as wood or stone, natural fabrics -such as wool or linen- and lots of light.

The exposed wooden beams on the ceilings -if they are attic ceilings much better- will print that seal of rural or mountain house that is so identified with the rustic style. In any case, wood can also be used for walls and floors. Natural stone or exposed brick are other elements that go perfectly with the rustic style. And they combine with wood in a spectacular way.

how to have a rustic bedroom in an express way

Now, what if we have an ordinary bedroom and we want to decorate it with this rustic style in an express way? It is possible to achieve it without having to do any kind of works or reforms. To do so, it is enough to pay attention to different details, some smaller than others.

The first thing to consider, of course, is the use of wood. Beyond having this raw material in the structures, it must be present in other key elements.

rustic bedroom

The choice of the bed, the headboard, the bedside tables and the chest of drawers, for example, which are the main pieces of furniture in a bedroom, should be made of this noble and natural material. Opting for wooden furniture will give warmth to the environment and is a perfect first step to have a rustic bedroom in an express way.

Changing the typical bed base for a wooden base, reusing old doors as a headboard or choosing a canopy bed are two good tips to keep in mind.

how to decorate a rustic bedroom

Recovering an old piece of furniture and placing it in some corner of the room is also an excellent idea to add to the decoration of a rustic bedroom. From an antique desk to vintage trunks or rocking chairs, as long as they are made of natural materials, any option is valid. Restored furniture or furniture with stripped finishes triumph within this style.

materials rustic style bedroom

Betting all on white is another great option, since luminosity is a fundamental aspect of the rustic style, in the line of bringing warmth and cozy atmosphere to the rooms. If we contrast that clarity with some dark element, such as a barn door in natural wood for the bathroom can be a perfect combination.

rustic bedroom decoration

All the elements of a rustic bedroom should transport us directly to nature. Taking inspiration from rural or country houses can be very useful.

Natural applies not only to structural elements and furniture. It is also applicable for textile complements. Wool blankets, linen curtains, ethnic or handmade rugs, cotton cushions, ecological dyes...

Everything that connects directly with nature is welcome to decorate a rustic bedroom in an express way.

decorating a rustic room

Focusing on the decorative details is another key to achieve a rustic style for the bedroom. A fireplace, wicker baskets with dried flowers, natural plants, a large antique mirror or an iron clock? These are just some of the elements that we can take into account when dressing the room.

Applying these recommendations, it is more than feasible to transfer the warm and cozy air of this style to the bedroom decoration of an apartment or a house in the middle of the city.

rustic style room decoration

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