Pergolas in the garden: types, installation and prices

Whoever has a garden has a treasure. But its use depends, to a large extent, on the exterior decoration. In addition to the incombustible plants, there is a whole range of elements capable of adding charm and functionality to the scene. Pergolas in the garden are part of that set of resources.

Pergolas in the garden: types, installation and prices

But what exactly are they? We are talking about a linked architectural structure made from different materials. It is usually based on a pattern that is usually formed by a set of beams and columns.

wooden pergolas

There are a multitude of options although, in practice, all pergolas meet the same objective. Their purpose is none other than to protect the garden, add value and optimize the possibilities of outdoor spaces so that they can be used at any time of the year depending on the pergola chosen.

Their functionality is, therefore, one of their great benefits. Not only do they provide shade, but they also protect from heat or inclement weather, and introduce a resource in the most attractive exterior decoration.

aluminum pergolas

When establishing a classification, it is common to talk about different types of pergolas depending on the material in which they are made. In general, most models are made of concrete, wood or metal, although the market is constantly evolving.

It is also possible to establish differences depending on their shape and size. In these cases we could distinguish between rectangular pergolas, square, single, double, triple...

pergola awnings

Another element that can provide unique features in garden pergolas is the chosen cover. Until a few years ago, waterproof awnings were the most popular solution. They were closely followed by roofs made of bamboo, reeds or natural heather.

However, the appearance of new materials and systems has multiplied the options. Today it is possible to choose from a wide range of alternatives. Traditional tile roofs, movable roofs, sandwich panels and even green roofs are just a few examples.

advantages of pergolas for the garden

The new designs of pergolas for the garden are nothing but the confirmation of the very different tastes of consumers. Modern, minimalist, rustic? There are pergolas for all tastes and all budgets. The so-called bioclimatic pergolas deserve special mention.

This type of structure, generally made of aluminum, has adjustable slats. In addition, they are capable of regulating the conditions to optimize their use.

Bioclimatic pergolas not only protect from the sun. Thanks to their intelligent systems, they are self-regulating to ensure ventilation, protect from rain, cold...

types of pergolas

Most garden pergolas have similar features and functionalities. However, there are differences in terms of their installation system. In this sense, there is the possibility of opting for self-supporting or wall-mounted pergolas, mainly.

The former are free-standing structures that provide greater freedom in terms of location. On the other hand, the installation attached to the wall limits the number of columns but implies the placement of the pergola as a porch.

wooden pergola for porch

Many factors can influence the final price of a pergola. In addition to the materials with which it is made or the type of cover, issues such as automation or design come into play. The dimensions are another criterion to be taken into account when evaluating the investment.

That said, the price range is wide and, although the sector offers alternatives for all budgets, the average is between 1,000 and 5,000 € for garden pergolas of about 12 square meters.

styles for pergolas

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