Homemade tricks to eliminate insects from the garden

Most of them are small. So small that many go unnoticed. However, their presence can threaten the health of your garden. Some insects are a real curse for plants and getting rid of them is the only way to maintain balance in your outdoor areas. Do you know how to get rid of insects in your garden?

Homemade tricks to eliminate insects from the garden

They are essential for the survival of the planet but can become a nightmare for your outdoor spaces even though there are plenty of home tricks to eliminate insects from the garden.

Doing it effectively - without added risk to your health or that of the planet - is possible. But to do so, traditional pesticides and chemicals must be eschewed. Instead, look to folk wisdom, which, as with many other everyday tasks, offers a multitude of interesting solutions.

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One of the most popular home tricks to eliminate insects from the garden is garlic. This powerful repellent is capable of eliminating aphids and its preparation is very simple. Just prepare a mixture of crushed garlic, cloves and two glasses of water, let it stand for a whole day and add three more liters of water. Once you have completed the process you can spray it on your plants and goodbye to aphids!

A similar effect is provided by the infusion made with chopped tomato leaves and water, although in this case you should keep it away from your pets as it can be toxic.

Homemade tricks to eliminate insects from the garden

Rich in protein, selenium and magnesium, among others, eggshell is a highly recommended supplement to combat osteoporosis and strengthen bones. But beyond its properties as food, it is a powerful fertilizer for the soil. And there is even more.

It is an extraordinary repellent for certain types of caterpillars and snails. Just crush them and place them at the base of the plants and you won't have to worry about these types of pests.

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Mites and whiteflies are regular visitors to many outdoor areas. But there are also tricks to eliminate these insects from the garden. Coriander, for example, is highly effective against the former. Simply boil water with this plant for just ten minutes to have a natural pesticide that you can spray directly on the plants in your garden or orchard.

Marigold or basil are great allies against whiteflies. Some people recommend planting them around other plants. But you can also use them as an infusion for spraying.

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Aromatic plants and other unconventional solutions such as nettles or tobacco can provide great results thanks to their ability to repel certain insects.

Everyone has experienced the uncomfortable irritation caused by nettles. This annoying plant is also a powerful pesticide against aphids. If you want to test its potential, prepare a mixture of 100 grams of nettle and 10 liters of water. Let it stand for four days and apply it to those areas affected by aphids. You will be amazed with the results!

eliminate insects from the garden with home remedies

Another less popular but equally effective formula to eliminate insects from the garden, specifically the red spider mite pest, has to do with the use of natural tobacco (also very effective against caterpillars). As with other solutions, you must prepare an infusion with natural tobacco.

For the effect to meet your expectations, use 60 grams of tobacco per liter of water and, if you want to make it even more powerful, add 1 gram of natural soap. Apply it periodically once a week for two months and say goodbye to your uncomfortable neighbors.

eliminate insects from the garden with infusions

Apart from home recipes to put an end to the invasion of insects in your garden, there are some general considerations that will be of great help. Keeping them clean is a good first step, but there is more. Certain types of insects are especially attracted to moisture.

Avoid overwatering and, if you do, change the soil and correct the frequency of watering. You will see your pests disappear and prevent them from threatening your garden again.

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