All the decorative keys of the rustic garden

If you have a garden, you have a treasure. Outdoor spaces provide a luxurious setting to enjoy nature without giving up the intimacy of home. From this point of view, a rustic garden is the ultimate expression of this communion with the natural environment.

All the decorative keys of the rustic garden

In order to take full advantage of them, decoration plays a fundamental role. Giving them a style of their own becomes, more than an option, a necessity and there are endless resources that you can use to make your exteriors places full of inspiration.

Outdoor spaces are an added value that many have rediscovered after the pandemic and having a rustic garden is all you need to enjoy the outdoors and the warmth of your home.

However, before you start investing in furniture, plants or materials, it is important to be clear about what you expect from your garden. Analyze its possibilities and think about how you are going to use it. You can zone and design a space adapted to your needs on which, little by little, you can add the decorative elements that you like the most.

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Plants will play a key role in the decoration of your rustic patio. However, their choice will depend not so much on the style chosen for this space, as on the characteristics of the area itself. Issues such as the type of soil, the climate or the hours of sunshine will make it more or less viable to include one or another species in the design of your exteriors. In any case, whenever possible, respect native species and specimens and, if you are not sure, consult a professional.

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One of the benefits of any outdoor space is that it allows you to enjoy the outdoors in the privacy of your home. At this point, the furniture acquires a fundamental role and in a rustic garden you can not fail to include pieces in wood, wrought iron, stone and even glass. A set of table and chairs for an outdoor dining room, a bench to contemplate the sunset, a barbecue... These are just a few ideas.

furniture for a rustic garden

From pallet furniture to old milk churns converted into planters, there are many elements that can be incorporated into the decoration of a rustic garden to give it a unique character.

From old bicycles, to ceramic pots, to old milk churns, small carts,... Giving a new life to disused objects or creating DIY pieces with pallets is something very common in the design of this type of gardens. The upcycling design gives a unique character to the environments transforming this type of objects into attractive planters, for example.

how to decorate a rustic garden

As you may have noticed, wood, stone or ceramics are essential materials in the decoration of a rustic garden. However, beyond the furniture or details, there are other ways to incorporate them into the design. Creating paths, for example, is an attractive way to do it.

materials for a rustic garden

The possibilities for garden paths are endless: with wooden trunks, railway sleepers, stone slabs... Apart from their ornamental contribution, they will serve to create original accesses to your home or the different areas of your own garden.

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Water is another element present in many projects related to landscape architecture. Beyond being essential in Zen gardens, it is also an ideal complement for rustic-inspired designs.

An ornamental fountain or a pond -if space permits- can be a good way to incorporate it into your home. Although if you want the aquatic contribution to go beyond the ornamental, nothing like a natural pool!

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Don't have too much space but don't want to give up that rustic touch on your patio or terrace? Vertical gardens are a perfect solution for outdoors where the surface is not very generous and, with the appropriate resources, you will achieve that rustic air you are looking for. A few wooden details -the more natural the better-, some ceramic or metal pots and some decorative accessories and voila! You will have a very original rustic vertical garden.

rustic vertical garden

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