Giving flowers on Valentine's Day: the species to avoid

Many people were looking forward to Valentine's Day to receive Valentine's Day gifts full of hearts or any surprise or romantic detail. If the idea is to give flowers on Valentine's Day, be careful, because you may receive species other than red roses and the meaning is far from the declaration of love. The language of flowers dates back to Victorian times, when messages were conveyed through the different species, so it is not a matter of downplaying its importance.

Giving flowers on Valentine's Day: the species to avoid

If you are going or are going to receive flowers on Valentine's Day, you do not want to receive these species. Despite their striking colors, their meanings may conceal a hidden and unpromising message.

Orange chrysanthemum. There are many colors of chrysanthemum, and although most have a positive reading, in the case of orange it indicates that your love is fragile and will be short-lived.

orange chrysanthemum

Yellow roses. It is the flower of love, the real best seller every February 14. But be careful if they are yellow because either the one who gives them to you is jealous or has been unfaithful.

yellow roses

Snapdragon mouth. This small flower fills every spring with a variety of colors in many public areas. If someone gives it to you, it means that he was very disappointed in you.

dragon's mouth

Black thinking. The color should already give you a clue. While red is intense love or pink fidelity, black reveals that your lover is sad because he or she believes your love is hopeless.

black thinking

What if the person with whom you are going to celebrate Valentine's Day gives you flowers with an unfriendly intention? There are species that instead of true love signify indifference or lie

Hydrangea. Common in many patios, the beauty of this ornamental is well known. However, if they give it to you, they are telling you to your face with total coldness that you are a passing whim.


Narcissus. Mythology gives us the key to the selfishness and vanity that hide behind this delicate flower. As a gift it denotes pure formality and says loudly that your love is a sham.


Gentian. This flower has a striking blue color. Although at first glance it may seem original, in reality what it is telling us is that we have behaved unfairly.


Pulsatilla. It is a herbaceous plant that grows in mountainous areas and is widely used for medicinal purposes. It is difficult to find it, so whoever gives it to you will go out of their way to tell you that you can't expect anything.

You can't trust the potted plants with which they intend to entertain you either. There are some with which the message is more than obvious, but others are a real surprise.

Basil. With how good it smells and how delicious it is in a caipirinha or in a caprese salad. The truth is that this aromatic means that the person who gives it to you hates or loathes you.


Nettle. The itching associated with its touch is already implicit in its name, from which the term urticaria is derived. The negative connotation is quite clear. Specifically, what they want to tell you is that you are cruel.


Are you thinking of giving flowers as a Valentine's Day gift? Just in case, don't buy any of the above...

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