10 frost-resistant trees

In winter, if there is something that makes us fear for the species we have grown in our gardens, it is frost. These can destroy our trees in one fell swoop and leave us with a garden unprotected from the cold.

10 frost-resistant trees

However, this doesn't have to happen if we choose the right trees, those that can withstand the coldest temperatures. Don't know what they are? Don't worry, because we've compiled a list of 10 trees that withstand frost without flinching. Which one do you like best?

Cold hardy trees

Among the trees that best withstand frost are fruit trees. For this reason, planting one of these is one of the best alternatives. If they do not convince you, you can always opt for another type of tree. At the moment, we offer you 10 to choose from.

The strawberry tree. Besides being the tree par excellence of the capital of Spain, it is one of the trees that best resists low temperatures and frost. Its scientific name is Arbutus unedo and it belongs to the ericaceae family.

Hedera helix, or common ivy, is an evergreen climbing shrub with self-adherent aerial roots. Its stem is woody and is capable of climbing up to 20 meters. If you are concerned about frost, this species will have no trouble coping with it.

The creeping bonetero or Euonymus fortunei, is a low growing shrub, which is used as a ground cover. It has simple, opposite leaves with finely toothed ends. In spring it has the buds of the year, and most importantly, it resists frost well.

The red currant. Its scientific name is Ribes rubrum and it has its origin in central and northern Europe, as well as in northern Asia. It is a shrub that can reach 2 meters and has berries in red clusters.

The white willow, also known as Salix alba or silver willow, is a well-proportioned tree with a robust trunk and spreading branches. It does not require special soil and withstands frosts down to -20ºC.

The common boxwood or Buxus sempervirens, is a shrub native to Europe. It is widely used as an ornamental in gardening. It reaches an exceptional height of 12 meters, and is one of the species that best withstands winter frosts.

Cypress. It is one of the most resistant trees to different climates and meteorological phenomena. It withstands frost, drought, wind, pollution and low maintenance. What more do you want?

The cider gum tree or decorative eucalyptus. The Eucayptus gunni comes from Australia and Tasmania, and is able to withstand temperatures down to -18ºC. It is a very decorative tree.

The Lombardy poplar. Its scientific name is Populus nigra Italica. It is also known as Italian poplar or pyramidal black poplar. It is able to withstand frosts down to -24ºC.

The white birch has its origins in Europe and Asia. It is very decorative because of its white bark that peels off in strips. It flowers in spring and has a high resistance to intense winter cold.

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