Mosquitoes in summer: keep them out of your home

Their mere presence is annoying but, in addition, the effect of their bites can be most unpleasant. The arrival of summer and the multiplication of mosquitoes is one and the same thing, because mosquitoes are to summer what tourists are to beaches. But it is possible to prevent mosquitoes from taking over your home in summer. It is enough to apply some recommendations to minimize their presence and, even, to finish with them in a simple way and without great efforts.

Mosquitoes in summer: keep them out of your home

The battle against mosquitoes in summer begins with rising temperatures and, although their attempts to take possession of the home multiply, there are formulas to combat them

Natural remedies have occupied, since time immemorial, the first positions in terms of popularity. Within this chapter, aromatic plants are a great alternative.

Rosemary, thyme, eucalyptus, mint.... Placing them near the window or door can become the best barrier against mosquitoes in summer.

aromatic mosquito repellent plants

Popular belief attributes to basil a special anti-mosquito power. However, this plant does the opposite. Insects are attracted by its fragrance, so if you opt for this aromatic plant, you should be careful when placing it. It is true that it will prevent them from entering your home as long as the position of the pot is strategic.

However, for those who are not too passionate about natural fragrances, there are always other alternatives in the form of vegetation. Beyond their fame, carnivorous plants are great defenders of the inviolability of the home from all kinds of insects.

carnivorous plants

Undoubtedly, natural fragrances will be great allies to fight mosquitoes in summer. Although we do not necessarily have to resort to plants to prove it.

Citronella is one of the most effective species for the battle, but it is enough to give scent to candles, essential oils and even bracelets to keep mosquitoes away from your home.

scented candles

While it is true that vegetation is a great ally against mosquitoes, it is no less true that it is the perfect breeding ground for their proliferation. Lawns and, in general, tall plants are used by these insects to survive the high temperatures of the day. Therefore, it is advisable not to neglect their maintenance during the summer season.

In addition, try to avoid leaving containers with water. A pond, the typical dishes of flower pots, animal water troughs.... All of them are a perfect scenario for them to lay their eggs and proliferate until they become full-fledged mosquitoes.

mow the lawn

In addition to plants, there are a whole host of more drastic solutions that can put physical limits on mosquitoes entering the home. Self-closing doors and windows can be one solution.

However, it is enough to install good mosquito nets to be able to enjoy the summer breeze without fearing the invasion of these uncomfortable visitors.

Putting up physical barriers against mosquitoes at this time of the year is a feasible alternative, although aromatic plants are also great allies to prevent them from entering the house.

mosquito nets

Within the catalog of alternatives to combat mosquitoes in summer, electronic devices are a classic. There are many kinds: from plug-in insecticides that work with tablets or liquids that need to be recharged, to gadgets that repel insects using ultrasound. In fact, there are even anti-mosquito paints for year-round protection.

electronic anti-mosquito devices

Opening the windows is a common gesture at dusk in the summer months. However, this same gesture, as long as we do not have mosquito nets, is the one that will allow mosquitoes to access the interior of the home.

Without having to give up ventilation, there is another way to quell the heat while combating these visitors: the use of fans. The flight of these insects is weak, so the use of these devices makes their presence more difficult.

ceiling fan

The popular wisdom also bets on a series of home remedies that, over time, have demonstrated greater or lesser effectiveness. Placing a glass of vinegar and water in the window is one of the most popular, as is the use of lemon and cloves.

If you want to ensure that they do not come near you, try applying a tea and lemon infusion (without sugar) on your skin and get ready to sleep peacefully.

home remedies against mosquitoes

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