10 cold-resistant shrubs for the garden

A garden that looks perfect all year round depends a lot on the varieties chosen in its composition. Within the maxims of landscaping it is remembered that, if you do not have enough time to maintain the exterior, it is better to opt for resistant species that do not require too much care throughout the year.

10 cold-resistant shrubs for the garden

Evergreen species have the advantage of looking full all twelve months, which will give your flowerbed a flawless appearance regardless of the season. Both very dry climates and those with particularly harsh winters pose a challenge for vegetation. Here's a list of shrubs that stand up to both mild and severe cold.

Frost-tolerant shrubs

1. Abelia. It has flowers that smell wonderful, and although these are only seen in good weather, in winter this shrub is green all year round if it is well protected. It is not recommended in areas where the rigors of cold are too strict, but it withstands medium frosts well.

2. Oleander. Typically Mediterranean, the worst downside of this beautiful shrub is that all its parts are toxic if ingested, so it is not advisable to have it if there are children or pets nearby. It is very resistant to drought. As for the cold months, it holds up well but if temperatures drop below normal, it will suffer.

3. Privet. These hedges withstand temperatures of -10 ºC without complaining, and even if they freeze, after a little later pruning they will grow back to a pleasant appearance. It is also a species that does not do badly with pollution.

4. Basque beret. Its tolerance to frost is not extreme. However, if it is spoiled in winter, in spring it usually sprouts again, as long as the damage has not been irreparable. A correct mulching in winter prevents greater evils.

5. Cotoneaster. It is the shrub of all seasons. Its resistance to hard frosts is proven. The red color of its small berries will give your garden an unmistakable joy during the winter. Go for it because it grows fast and is very easy to grow.

6. Celindo. Its white and showy flowers give off a very characteristic aroma, so in a place of passage will be enjoyed much more. It is very ornamental and, although it resists frost well, it prefers to grow in temperate zones.

7. Photinia. They are the great survivors of winter. There are varieties somewhat less strong that are recommended more for coastal areas than for the mountains, but in general, they do not even flinch from the cold.  Great for privacy in your garden because it climbs up to three meters.

8. Hawthorn. Also called hawthorn or hawthorn, this shrub will not give you any problems because it requires minimal care. It is not demanding neither with the soil nor with the climate and it is really long-lived. In late winter, you will see it bloom.

9. Black broom. It does not become relentless in the worst of winters, but for places where it does not freeze night after night it is possible to have it without problems. Its need for water is negligible and its beautiful yellow flowers have a very original shape.

10. Rosehip. We close the list with a shrub with pale pink flowers and oval fruits. Famous for the cosmetic properties of its oil, if the specimen is young, the first winter you will have to protect it, but after that there will be no problem.

Do you live in an area with harsh winters? Tell us which species you have chosen to form hedges in your garden.

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