10 tricks to make the most of the space in the garden

When we have to decorate a small house we always try to make the most of the space: high shelves, sofa beds, built-in closets.... And what happens when we have little space in our outdoor area? We have to do the same planning exercise to make the most of it and take advantage of the space in the garden. Below, we give you a series of tricks that can help you in this task of getting a nice garden with little room and without having that feeling of overwhelm that often cause small places.

10 tricks to make the most of the space in the garden

10 tips for small gardens

Planning. The first is to think before you act. Take a tape measure, notebook and pen and take note of the exact measurements of your garden. Do not buy the first thing you see, it is better to think beforehand how to decorate it so that the whole has harmony.

No to large trees. Undoubtedly, tall and leafy specimens will be the best shelter against the heat, but if you do not have much space it is better to avoid large trees such as oaks or chestnut trees.

Yes to fruit trees. If you do not want to give up having a tree in your garden, then think more about fruit trees such as a lemon tree. You will have to plant it in a place where it gets sun and be careful in winter with frost.

A small vegetable garden. Not everything is going to be flowers or plants. Don't give up growing your own vegetables. Depending on the species you choose, you will need more or less space. However, with one square meter you have enough to eat green every day.

Climbing plants. If your wall communicates with the neighbor's patio and you want to separate it visually, place some trellises and climbing plants. You have some like bougainvilleas that give beautiful flowers, but there are also very aesthetic trellises that will give you a beautiful plant wall.

Pots on the walls. If you really like pots and you don't want them on the floor taking up space, a trick is to hang the pots on the walls. This is the best place for the most delicate species. Place a mesh or some supports where to hook them. Or opt for suspended pots.

Plants all over the place. There are gardens with a roof or an overhang. You can use this area to hang pots. You can opt for the traditional baskets or for novelties such as pots hanging upside down. A true work of plant engineering.

Flowerbeds and planters. Having several planters is an infallible trick to have a colorful and beautiful garden. Combined with certain ground covers, which require less work than lawns, they will surely give your flowerbeds a very cheerful air.

Divide the garden into several rooms. In this way you will achieve that the space is visually larger. An area for socializing is a must, as well as one for sunbathing and another for barbecues. If you have few meters, try to use multipurpose furniture.

Shrubs in pots. If you do not have much space, but do not want to give up having shrubs, then choose small-sized species and plant them in a pot. Do not forget to place at the bottom a good draining material.

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