Which plants withstand the heat best on your terrace?

Turning the home into a veritable garden is a challenge for the average person. The task becomes even more complex when it comes to making nature invade balconies and terraces. The relentless incidence of the sun on these scenarios can wreak havoc. However, opting for plants that withstand the heat better will give you some advantage to achieve your goals.

Which plants withstand the heat best on your terrace?

Flowers, climbers, shrubs? The catalog of species able to survive even when the mercury does not give truce is the most varied. By choosing the right outdoor plants, no more excuses to show off your terrace or balcony!

Rising temperatures and preparing outdoor spaces to enjoy without leaving home go hand in hand. To achieve this, it is essential to know which plants withstand the heat best.

Among the most popular varieties, geraniums are a classic. Their maintenance is minimal and their attractiveness is undeniable. If you want a flower capable of filling your terrace with color throughout the year, in white, red or pink, a geranium is one of the best options.

which plants withstand the heat best

Petunias also occupy a prominent place among the most heat-resistant plants. Despite their delicate appearance, these flowers that you can find in a multitude of colors and versions (hanging ones are ideal for the balcony) hardly need any water. In addition, they are perfectly at ease with high temperatures and direct exposure to the sun.

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If you are a flower lover, you have surely felt the spell of rose bushes at some point. The flower par excellence, symbol of love and elegance, is also one of the most resistant outdoor plants. And not only to heat... They can also withstand the cold!

heat-resistant plants

Who said that only flowers can decorate your terrace or balcony? Certain climbers can boast of being plants that withstand heat better than others and ivy is one of them.

It does not matter if it receives direct sunlight or has to grow in a shady area, lack of light is not a problem. You only need to respect its times, prune it at the beginning of spring and have a good drainage and this climber will flood your terrace with freshness.  

sun resistant plants

Another of the most grateful varieties and present on the terraces of many homes in the country are carnations. Its shape and its many colors make this plant a choice with multiple possibilities, not in vain, there are countless species. Of course, to enjoy them in all their splendor it is important to water them frequently.

Geraniums, petunias, daisies or carnations are just a few examples of outdoor flowering plants for which direct sun or high temperatures are not a problem.

plants for the terrace

They are not only perfect for outdoor decoration but can also be of great help in the kitchen. Aromatic plants are also among the most recommended to withstand the heat on the terrace, although not all of them are suitable. Lavender, rosemary, mint or thyme withstand direct sunlight without being too complex to maintain so, if you want plants capable of awakening the senses .... they are your best option!

aromatic plants

Like petunias, roses or geraniums, daisies are plants that withstand the heat on the terrace better than other varieties. Their appearance and white color are unmistakable. But behind their apparent simplicity hides a luxury ally to fill the terrace with freshness without having to water too much. 

margaritas for the terrace

Are you looking for a colorful plant that brings the vitality of spring and summer to your outdoors? Then the verbena is ideal for your terrace. White, purple, fuchsia? Its colorful and showy appearance is only comparable to its great resistance to the sun, so not only can you enjoy its flowers from spring to autumn, but you can also create attractive combinations.

heat-resistant flowers

Thanks to their resistance and low water consumption, cacti have been gaining in popularity and, in addition to being a trend indoors, they are a perfect choice for the sunniest terraces.

There are those who say they have no hand with plants, but the truth is that even the most inexperienced gardener will find cacti to be great allies. Although it is true that they have become fashionable as indoor plants, many varieties are also comfortable outdoors.

cactus for the terrace

It is clear that with some dedication, plants withstand the heat better. But even with minimal care, species such as bungavilla are capable of creating scenery that is pure inspiration.

However, although high temperatures do not particularly affect them, they are susceptible to frost damage, so you will have to protect them when the cold weather arrives again.

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