How to decorate walls with geometric wallpapers

Tired of looking at that empty wall without knowing what to do with it or how to give it some grace?  In today's post we propose you to use geometric wallpapers.

How to decorate walls with geometric wallpapers

To dress up a wall, you don't always have to resort to pictures, mirrors, a contrasting paint job or a piece of furniture like a bookshelf to cover it.

We can fill it with color, texture and volume with a resource as easy as wallpaper.

Within this wonderful world there are a lot of options that can be adapted to all decorative styles and within all of them, geometric papers give a very modern air.

In addition, they are perfect for those spaces where there is not much room to put furniture, for example, endless hallways, small entrances or even mini bathrooms and toilets.

They are also very useful as headboards, either because your apartment is a new building and they have made the room too tight without leaving space to put an upholstered one, or because even having a headboard, you want to brighten up that wall to take the spotlight.

The only requirement for most of the wallpapers on the market is that the wall must be perfectly smooth. So if you have gotelé, the first step will be to remove it or look for a very specific type of paper that can be adapted to it.

In any case, it is such a practical and attractive decorative resource that we officially declare ourselves fans and dedicate this post to it so that you don't have any doubts. Let's go there!

Where to place geometric wallpaper?

We have already said that any wall that you find bland, is susceptible to wear it. But there are many others that you may not have noticed.

Wall portions

For example, if you are lucky enough to have a fireplace at home, either side of it can look great.

Both in modern fireplaces that have a large volume, usually clad in stone, and in those that are more classic, there is usually a space on both sides. Geometric wallpapers in these areas help to enhance the fireplace.

Of course, as it has a lot of visual strength, this type of wallpaper should be placed only in those areas, not in the whole room, but you can combine it with a plain wallpaper and it will look great.

In furniture

Yes, yes, geometric wallpapers can be installed without any problem on the back of a bookcase or display case to give it an original touch.

And if it is also a piece of furniture that you have rescued and restored, with a white lacquer on the outside, the geometry of the background paper stands out even more and looks luxurious.

It is certainly a fantastic way to give a new life to that piece of furniture, since it updates it without losing the essence that characterizes it.

In small rooms

In a tiny guest bathroom, where even the thickness of a tile detracts from the space, a geometric wallpaper will undoubtedly be perfect.

And to make it look bigger and brighter, we recommend choosing one with a white base with a touch of color in the geometry. It will emulate the effect of the tile and will give it a very particular touch.

To enhance work areas

Particularly in those home offices that are placed wherever possible. For example, a desk in a master or guest bedroom.

A geometric wallpaper covering the table and shelves will highlight them and prevent them from being perceived as being placed in any corner because there was no better area.

In this way, it will become a visual focus and will be perceived as an area created specifically for this purpose.

In these cases, depending on the work you do or what you use your desk for (more creative tasks or tasks that require more concentration) you can choose either a paper with a more colorful geometry, or a softer and more subtle one.

On the main wall of the bedroom

In a bedroom, the wall that should get the attention is the one where the bed is placed, and geometric wallpapers will help you make this happen.

We mentioned before that wallpaper can replace the headboard if there is not enough space at the feet.

In that sense, the good thing about wallpaper is that it can be placed at the size we want, for example from floor to ceiling with a width slightly wider than the bed to frame this piece.

We can also use it to highlight the headboard, if it exists. In this case, we can wallpaper the entire wall.

Which style to choose?

Don't be fooled by the fact that we are dealing with geometry. For many it may seem too "square" but its diversity of shapes and colors make geometric wallpapers a super aesthetic option that will look good in any room.

The geometry can be very diverse, in the market we find from minimalist options with simple lines, to more ornate designs with richer patterns whose pattern is smaller and repeated a greater number of times.

Color influences

A geometric wallpaper can carry color both in the shape of the pattern and in the background.

In addition, the line of the drawing can be more or less thick with a more or less intense color.

This contrast allows us to play with the intensity and presence of the wallpaper. If we choose a model with a black line on white, the effect will be very striking and will stand out from the rest of the elements.

But if we prefer a more subtle pattern, then we can choose geometric wallpapers whose stroke has a softer color, such as medium or light gray on white.

If, on the other hand, we want the effect to be more continuous, such as that provided by a painted wall, then a wallpaper whose background has a powerful color will be the ideal choice.

When the paper has a color of a higher tone, it allows us to create contrast games with the furniture.

This is the example of this image with a geometric wallpaper in stronger tones and very cheerful colors. The result is an eye-catching wall that draws all eyes.

What if I get tired?

Well, you're in luck, because unlike a tile or a carpentry covering, paper allows for easier installation and removal.

To place it, in addition to the paper itself, you will only need a cutter and prepare an adhesive paste (unless the paper is self-adhesive, in which case it will not even be necessary).

Moreover, unlike paint, which requires several coats, it will not be necessary to apply it more than once, and the process will be much cleaner (you only need a little space on the floor to work the rolls before applying them, as they have a standard size of 53cmx10m).

To remove it, it is true that in some cases it will require fixing something the wall if you want to put another, because it is likely that the adhesive will take part of it (except again the self-adhesives, which are usually easily removed), but it is still something simpler to execute than any other option.

There are even textured or embossed wallpapers that allow its placement on walls with imperfections (there are even for stippled, as we mentioned at the beginning), so it's all a matter of finding the one that best suits you.

So when you feel like renewing the decoration of your space, you can change your geometric wallpapers without too many regrets: today you have a strong or bright colored wallpaper and in two or three years you can change to one in pastel tones :).

More inspiration...

As you can see, geometric wallpapers are a fantastic option to dress up any wall, and there are so many designs and so varied that it is impossible not to find one that fits.

So just in case you were left wanting more, we leave you with some images for your inspiration.

Cheer up and give a little glamour to your walls!

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