The colors of the exotic style to decorate your home

When it comes to decorating your home, there are many themes in which you can look for inspiration. However, being intoxicated by the spell of distant lands is a temptation. In fact, in many cases, you can transfer that magic to your interiors through the color palette. The colors of the exotic style are a fantastic example of the potential that these sensations produced by the rays of light impressing the visual organs are capable of producing.

The colors of the exotic style to decorate your home

The exotic style has traditionally been one of the most inspiring decorative themes for interior designers and its color palette is extraordinarily rich and versatile.

Asia, Africa and the Far East are the territories that inspire this trend. These origins say a lot about the shades that dress the exotic style interiors. In these environments, color and materials become essential elements.

Although walls are one of the preferred scenarios for the introduction of color, they are not the only ones where you can deploy all the chromatic essence of the exotic style. Its chromatic palette is so versatile that it dresses to perfection from textiles and upholstery to furniture, through decorative accessories, carpets, paintings... There are options for all tastes, whether you want a total immersion in this trend or if you prefer to give small touches with your favorite shades.

what are the colors of the exotic style

The range of colors of the exotic style makes green one of the must-haves. We see it evoking the green of grass and lush tropical jungles, but also in details and prints. Decorating with plants becomes a perfect idea to add to its chromatic palette without having to paint the walls.

exotic style colors for the living room

Walls, floors, furniture... The colors of the exotic style are present in each of the elements that give life to the decoration, filling the environments with life and personality.

Bright colors are another of the hallmarks of the spaces decorated with this trend. Pinks, reds, oranges, yellows? The warm tones completely take over the rooms or, failing that, they splash them strategically adding attractiveness to the whole.

It all depends on the result you want to achieve, although if you are looking to add touches of vitality in less intense scenarios, nothing like combining them with a neutral base.

warm colors of the exotic style

Plain colors are not the only way to add chromatism to your rooms. Tropical prints are also part of this careful selection of chromatic resources that will give a unique character to your rooms. Wall prints, natural designs on cushions and rugs, urban jungle upholstery...  Surely you will find it easy to find the best option to give your settings an exotic air through color.

exotic style patterns and colors

Beyond the colors themselves on walls, floors or through the vegetation itself, the furniture becomes an ideal vehicle to enrich the color palette. And it does so thanks to the use of materials with natural finishes such as wood or wicker, which also add a touch of warmth to the environments. In these cases, you can always enhance their contribution by creating contrasts with a gray palette.

exotic style colors for home decoration

Decorative accessories also have an enormous potential when it comes to completing the chromatic palette of an exotic decoration. In this type of environment, greens, reds, oranges and yellows share the limelight with the tones of the materials themselves, as we said before, starring the furniture.

But they also do the same with handicraft objects, a hallmark of this type of decorations. Dark wooden masks, animal figures made of wood, stone or bone, mirrors of ethnic inspiration... From floor to ceiling you can incorporate them to add interesting chromatic nuances.

exotic style colors in the bedroom

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