The best geometric compositions with squares

It is no coincidence that many consider walls to be blank canvases in interior design and decoration. Walls provide privacy, yes, but they are also a valuable space for adding a touch of personality to spaces. The formulas to achieve this are of the most varied and geometric compositions with pictures have gained popularity in recent times.

The best geometric compositions with squares

In the kitchen, living room, dining room... Decorating walls with art is an ideal way to give them a unique personality and geometric compositions with paintings are highly aesthetic.

Versatility is one of the main advantages of this type of wall decoration. Far from being limited to preconceived structures or patterns, the compositions are open to multiple interpretations. Symmetrical for those who love balance, dynamic for those who bet on free will, with different sizes, shapes and arrangements? There is plenty to choose from!

geometric compositions with squares

If you opt for this format, before you start drilling the wall, it is advisable to be clear about the position of your paintings. You can try different compositions on the floor, either using your canvases or replacing them with more manageable replicas on cardboard or cardboard. Or, if you prefer, make one or several sketches drawn on paper until you find the formula that best suits your tastes, space and characteristics of your paintings.

geometrical compositions with pictures on the wall

When it comes to creating geometric compositions with squares, there are basically two options. The first is to go for symmetry. This option is perfect if you are looking to convey a sense of balance. The greater the number of squares you use in the composition, the greater the perception of order you will convey to the viewer.

how to create geometric compositions with squares

Although the use of spikes is the usual formula for placing canvases on the wall, it is possible to create geometric compositions with paintings by placing them, for example, on a shelf.

But if what you are looking for is dynamism, then you will have to opt for the second option: placing the paintings asymmetrically. This type of irregular sets require, however, a thorough analysis so that the result is visually pleasing.

The options are very varied: from paintings of different sizes to pieces of different shapes, through the combination of some and others, at different heights... The feeling of movement will bring a very interesting touch to your home.

geometric compositions with squares of different sizes

There is no maximum number to bring attractive combinations to life. In fact, a couple of canvases may be all you need to create an elegant and sophisticated composition. Just place them parallel to each other at a certain distance and add good lighting so that their contribution to the whole adds value.

geometrical compositions with pictures in pairs

But if you are looking for originality in geometric compositions with paintings, how about creating recognizable shapes at a glance? Even using pieces of different sizes and formats it is possible to identify squares, rectangles and even more dynamic shapes such as diamonds or circles with which your walls will attract all eyes.

step by step geometric compositions with squares

It is also not bad to take advantage of the presence of canvases to improve the spatial perception of your rooms. Placing them in a way that evokes vertical lines, for example, will make your ceilings appear higher, just as they will widen if you choose to create horizontal geometric compositions.

geometric compositions with vertical squares

Choosing the way in which your paintings will rest on the wall is also essential to create the most interesting compositions. While it is true that spikes and nails are the most functional, it is increasingly common to find geometric combinations that resort to more original supports.

One of the formulas that is gaining popularity is to let them rest on shelves of all kinds. There are even those who bet on making the headboard the support of their particular gallery. And even more risky is the proposal to leave the paintings at ground level.

supports for creating geometric compositions with squares

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