Placing the bed in the middle of the bedroom: right or wrong?

The bed is by far one of the most important elements in creating an atmosphere conducive to rest. But in the task of composing a scene that invites relaxation, not only aesthetics are important. Functionality is another chapter to keep in mind and, in this sense, the distribution of the elements is key. How would you like to place the bed in the middle of the bedroom?

Placing the bed in the middle of the bedroom: right or wrong?

There are many factors that determine whether placing the bed in the middle of the bedroom is a success or a mistake. In any case, there are a multitude of much more frequent and functional alternatives.

The location of the bed is thus essential. Is it better next to the window or against the side wall? Facing the door or in the center of the room? Questions such as the size of the room, the presence or not of other furniture, the existence of windows? All of these are factors that will be decisive when it comes to finding the best location.

Placing the bed in an island position or, in other words, in the center of the room can be a good idea if the dimensions of the room are sufficiently generous. This position frees up the space around the bed. This facilitates air circulation and sound insulation. However, if the surface area is limited, it may not be the best way to make the most of the space.

Placing the bed in the middle of the bedroom: right or wrong?

In any case, placing the bed in the middle of the bedroom will be a success as long as we accompany the position of a careful design. Using this piece as a differentiating element of environments, for example, is an added value to this position.

The versatility of the space -as long as the surface of the room is generous- is also evident in the multiple possibilities it offers. How about placing a dressing room behind the headboard? What if we install a freestanding bathtub and merge two spaces into one? There are alternatives for all tastes.

where to place the bed in the bedroom

Unless we have a generous room it will be difficult to choose to place the bed in the middle of the bedroom. The most common, however, is to opt for what is known as the control position. Basically, it is about placing the bed in such a way that there is an easy control of the different points of the room.

Although it is not in the middle of the room itself, the bed usually occupies the central part of the room, although, in this case, the headboard is leaning against one of the walls.

ideas for bed placement in the bedroom

It is no secret that natural light has countless positive effects on health. But it is also a great ally of interior design and decoration. Its presence promotes well-being and having a good view is always an incentive.

Therefore, another common alternative to placing the bed in the middle of the bedroom is to face the window. If the layout allows it, it can be very inspiring.

place the bed facing the window

Disciplines such as Feng Shui advise against placing the bed under the window, a position that, according to this ancestral philosophy, can hinder the circulation of energies.

Less common but equally valid is the location of the bed under the window. This is a very personal decision, not in vain, it has advantages but also disadvantages. In favor, the fact that it provides plenty of natural light to enjoy a good book in the morning or, simply, that it gives the possibility to open curtains and windows without leaving the bed.

If the window in question is not well insulated, it can also result in direct entry of cold while sleeping and, in homes with children or pets, poses an added safety risk.

bed under the window

The space available is not only key when it comes to placing the bed in the middle of the bedroom. Lack of space leads to what is known as a cave position. In these cases, the bed is enveloped by walls, angles and even storage solutions.

Although it had its moment of splendor, it is becoming less and less frequent and, at times, it can convey a certain sense of overwhelm.

placing the bed in cave position

Choosing the location of the bed goes beyond one's particular tastes.  Currents such as Feng Shui have their own mantras when it comes to finding the best position. This millenary discipline based on the circulation of energies bets to avoid covering with it doors or windows. In fact, facing the bedroom door can even bring bad luck.

For the oriental philosophy, placing the bed in the middle of the bedroom or, what is the same, betting on an island position is a mistake because it generates instability. The ideal, according to Feng Shui, is to orient the headboard to the north, increasing the feeling of tranquility and relaxation, generating a greater balance and promoting pleasant dreams.

bed in the middle of the bedroom

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