Headboards as a shelf, a great idea for bedrooms

The bedroom is, by definition, a space for disconnection and rest. Providing this atmosphere is, to a large extent, the responsibility of the main piece of the decoration: the bed. A comfortable mattress, appropriate textiles and generous dimensions can be key to the attractiveness of the composition. But there is more. The headboard is an element that cannot be overlooked. Betting on headboards as a shelf is as original as it is successful.

Headboards as a shelf, a great idea for bedrooms

Using headboards as a shelf is a great idea for bedrooms. Not only do they add functionality to the room, but they can also be great allies in terms of decoration.

This first proposal serves as an example. Its design is not only ideal for adding some decoration. The piece has a pair of cabinets to store pillows or cushions. The storage proposal, added to the shelves, promotes order in the bedroom. This, on the other hand, is key to creating an atmosphere that invites you to rest.

Headboards as a shelf

Inspired by nature and in two parts is this other headboard that subtly blends in with the boiserie on the wall. The latter serves as a backdrop for the wood that surrounds the pillow, while providing the necessary surface to serve as a shelf.

As if all this were not enough, the proposal integrates attractive wall sconces that are pure inspiration.

original headboard

There are many ways to integrate headboards as a shelf in the bedroom. Opting for designs that combine an open shelf with a closet area hidden behind the pillows is one of the most common. A design like this multiplies the storage capacity of the headboard.

headboard with niche

When thinking about the design of the bedroom, it is not only the bed or the headboard that matter. Bedside tables are often part of the decoration and integrating everything in one is a highly recommended idea.

This other design of headboard as a shelf adds, to the shelf area, a niche that serves as a bedside table. The proposal makes the most of the space, creating a harmonious whole that brings functionality to the whole.

headboard with integrated bedside table

If you are looking to respect the traditional aesthetics of the bed as much as possible, there are simple designs. In fact, a headboard as a shelf does not have to be overly large or glamorous to be highly captivating.

With just a depth of 15 or 20 centimeters you will have the surface you need to use it as a shelf. In addition, you can always use the sides to add shelves and complete the charm of your headboard with storage.

headboard with side storage

Small bedrooms often leave little room for the incorporation of furniture inside. But spatial narrowness is often saved with originality and the headboard can be a great ally.

If you do not want to give up storage but a shelf falls short, nothing like opting for a solution with removable modules. This is undoubtedly an original alternative for small bedrooms with which you will optimize the maximum possibilities.

upholstered headboard

The functionality of the headboards as a shelf is indisputable. However, their contribution to the aesthetics of the whole is also undeniable. So much so that the headboard itself can become the thread of the decoration, serving as a backdrop to a composition as inspiring and original as this one.

Paintings, table lamps, plants, books... There are many elements that can accompany your headboard to make the idea of turning it into a shelf a great choice.

headboard wall

Reading before going to bed is a common practice, so why limit yourself to a headboard as a shelf if you can turn it into a real library? If your passion for books is something out of the ordinary, this is a fantastic solution.

You can adapt the bookcase to the dimensions of your library and bedroom, of course. It is even possible to take advantage of the upper part to add some decoration.

bookcase headboard

If you want to reduce the furniture to the maximum but the question of having an extra surface for storage and decoration does not displease you, there is an alternative. You can always opt for the 'original version'. A simple shelf over the bed is also perfect for adding some decoration to the room.

headboard with shelf

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